Released 2019-11-29
0005282: [ircd] Gottem's todo list yo (Gottem)
       0005338: [ircd] Port m_forward (partially) (Gottem)
0005281: [ircd] Configuration file ideas: define and conditional sections (syzop)
0005235: [ircd] Listen Block Rehash Issue (syzop)
0005176: [ircd] umode +q should only be for xx-with-override (syzop)
0005299: [tests] U5: different test framework (syzop)
0005408: [ircd] look at set options that are not freed (syzop)
0005462: [ircd] Successful ident replies still leads to idents being prefixed with an ~ (syzop)
0005469: [ircd] UnrealIRCd echoing messages that lead Atheme services crash (syzop)
0005310: [installing] FreeBSD: require gmake (syzop)
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