Released 2023-12-01
0006352: [installing] Certain set of modules failing compilation halts the whole build (syzop)
0006366: [ircd] Integrate central-api & central-blocklist in UnrealIRCd 6.1.3 itself (syzop)
0006362: [ircd] Make set::hide-ban-reason default to 'yes' (syzop)
0006149: [module api] Please an an url-api (syzop)
0006358: [json-rpc] Placing a gzline in the panel on an ident causes the server to ban everything and not allowing SSL/TLS connections (syzop)
0006365: [ircd] Not recompiling third party modules when running git version (and recompiling unrealircd) (syzop)
0006353: [ircd] +I gets trimmed before digit (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2023-10-13
0006350: [ircd] exclude-security-group not working? (syzop)
0006306: [ircd] dnsbl timeout and order (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2023-10-04
0006299: [ircd] on spamfilter hit do a webrequest (to eg dronebl) (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2023-09-23
0006307: [ircd] skip some dnsbl from recheck (syzop)
0005919: [installing] ./unrealircd module upgrade doesn't display all successfully upgraded modules (syzop)
0006325: [ircd] listen::file converts /tmp/xxx to data/tmp/xxx (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2023-09-08
0005187: [installing] Default configuration can't use \p{} in spamfilter regexes (syzop)
0005256: [ircd] test online users against blacklist after a while (syzop)
0006300: [ircd] ban nick block - does not state who issued the command to cause the block message (syzop)
0006328: [installing] GENCERTIFICATE not written correctly in config.settings (syzop)
0006145: [ircd] Make spamfilter less intrusive (syzop)
0006292: [ircd] set security-group unknown-users resulting in weird behaviour (syzop)
0006303: [documentation] Minimum security level for oper password (syzop)
0006301: [ircd] 32bit OS on RPI with alot of modules yells CmodeAdd: out of space!!! (syzop)
0002667: [ircd] Restricted remote includes (syzop)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2023-05-31
0006275: [ircd] Add support for x-forward-for & forwarded headers in webserver module (syzop)
0005952: [ircd] CHATHISTORY BETWEEN does not apply bounds the same way depending on order (syzop)
0005953: [ircd] CHATHISTORY AROUND excludes "central" messages (syzop)
0000771: [ircd] maxchannelsperuser class block (syzop)
0005532: [ircd] be more friendly to TLS users with error messages (syzop)
0005681: [ircd] Netmerge: setting of +beI items that already exist (syzop)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2023-05-05
0006263: [ircd] Memory leak when TLS connections fails synchronously (syzop)
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Released 2023-04-15
0005794: [ircd] New trusted-users distinction and channel anti flood stuff (syzop)
0006258: [ircd] UnrealIRCd and TOR (syzop)
0006259: [ircd] JSON-RPC - channel object : the color codes are missing in the topic (syzop)
0005980: [documentation] SSLDIR is not enough to build UnreaIRCd against non-default SSL lib (syzop)
0006251: [ircd] Tls warning not working properly. (syzop)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2023-04-07
0006252: [ircd] make set::hide-ban-reason not affect opers (syzop)
0006204: [ircd] Add option to '~msgbypass' to bypass chmode +f (syzop)
0006245: [ircd] Feature Request: Enable using more modes in floodmode actions (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2023-03-24
0005772: [ircd] Synthax (syzop)
0006046: [ircd] /rehash <remoteserver> does not show the error(s) on current server (syzop)
0005910: [ircd] IRCd returning invalid host error then setting invalid oper-block vhost (syzop)
0006082: [ircd] using /rehash for remote server, makes an info appearing twice on the remote server (syzop)
0006104: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't sends CAP DEL on module unload (syzop)
0004233: [documentation] Missing information about +H flag which hides SWHOIS as well as oper status (syzop)
0006100: [ircd] URL within block is fetched even if @if evaluates to false (syzop)
0005947: [ircd] ERR_INPUTTOOLONG not sent on long messages (syzop)
0006004: [ircd] The optional <target> parameter of INFO is ignored (syzop)
0005908: [ircd] +S channel mode strips too much (syzop)
0006060: [ircd] nick.BAD_NICK_REMOTE shows wrong server (syzop)
0006122: [ircd] @if module-loaded() @endif doesn't working sometimes when unloading a module (syzop)
0006222: [ircd] add security-groups websocket (syzop)
0005598: [ircd] Add websocket yes/no option to security-group (syzop)
0006153: [ircd] Whowas - Display the IP (and not just the hostname) (syzop)
0005977: [ircd] The "/gline %" is poorly organized (syzop)
0006118: [ircd] invisible_user_in_channel() function doesn't return 1 when channel has +d (syzop)
0006195: [installing] Module manager doesn't work with FreeBSD systems (syzop)
0006148: [ircd] Add channel origin of target-flood-channel (syzop)
0006224: [ircd] Q-Lines ineffective on channels (syzop)
0006115: [ircd] host change on vhost even with SASL / feature request: autojoin delay (syzop)
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Released 2023-02-03
0003140: [module api] RPC communication (syzop)
0006206: [ircd] RPC Feature Requests (syzop)
0006212: [ircd] ./unrealircd rehash doesn't generate a config.RELOAD event (syzop)
0006211: [ircd] Exempt Bans with wildcard ~a:* is matching unauthenticated users too (syzop)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2022-12-29
0006125: [module api] [Suggestion] Add get_nvplist() function (syzop)
0006202: [ircd] Authentication Prompt doesn't care if it were enabled (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2022-12-23
0006199: [ircd] duplicate letters in EXTBAN= (syzop)
0006193: [ircd] On 6.0.5-git and probably before, servers not allowed to set own creation time (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2022-12-07
0006174: [ircd] Add TLINE command to test how broad a *-Line would be (syzop)
0006189: [ircd] /stats o returns "(null)" if advanced matching criteria for mask is used (syzop)
0006166: [ircd] Chathistory fails when target is a nickname (syzop)
0006154: [ircd] log block: create directory structure (syzop)
0006147: [ircd] Bug on channel bans with ~quiet and IPv6 (syzop)
0006141: [ircd] Join snotice doesn't show across linked IRCd's (syzop)
0006072: [ircd] Make tld::motd and tld::rules optional (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2022-08-29
0006160: [ircd] OperOverride does not bypass +L restriction (syzop)
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Released 2022-06-17
0005550: [ircd] Exempt users from connthrottle (syzop)
0006126: [ircd] Services with servicebot mode is still able to be deopped by those without the specific override for it. (syzop)
0006123: [ircd] buildvarstring() function miss-behaving in some cases (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2022-06-03
0006121: [ircd] Connthrottle module report invalid statistics (syzop)
0006114: [ircd] When using channel mode history +H with modes-on-join it does not apply. (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2022-05-25
0006102: [ircd] check reputation syncing (syzop)
0006087: [installing] Windows: rehashing via gui crashes UnrealIRCd and/or gives weird errors (syzop)
0005506: [ircd] Add "except-webirc;" in Blacklist + Restrict-commands + Connthrottle modules (syzop)
0006083: [ircd] Add some missing items on json-log-tag (syzop)
0006106: [ircd] An idea for the Client connecting notice (syzop)
0005974: [ircd] Problem that I can not understand on the "security-groups" (syzop)
0006095: [module api] antirandom module (syzop)
0006096: [ircd] Security Groups options modification (syzop)
0006099: [documentation] What is the license for this project? (GPLv1+ or GPLv2) (syzop)
0006093: [ircd] antirandom not showing all the details of the user (syzop)
0006041: [ircd] Please add command SVSO (syzop)
0006091: [ircd] Duplicated extbans entries (syzop)
0006086: [ircd] Unable to put an URL on set kline-address (syzop)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2022-04-02
0006003: [ircd] Extend /stats O with info about operclass (syzop)
0006070: [ircd] The MOTD which displays to connecting users doesn't include lines added from SVSMOTD (syzop)
0006077: [ircd] We can +h user, but cannot -h user (syzop)
0005918: [ircd] Log isn't logging after restart via IRC (syzop)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2022-01-28
0006058: [ircd] Problem with Except ban & Webirc (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2022-01-07
0006025: [ircd] Windows: IRCd keeps crashing during a link (syzop)
0005074: [ircd] /map user number and percentage (argvx)
0005675: [ircd] rate limit +x/-x (argvx)
0003599: [ircd] WHO parameter for searching connect time (argvx)
0006049: [ircd] Spamfilter : A space is missing between PRIVMSG and the nick (syzop)
0004954: [ircd] ports in connect snomask (syzop)
0004714: [ircd] Add snomask dumping to channel (syzop)
0006045: [upgrade-conf] Spamfilter.conf (syzop)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2021-12-29
0005962: [ircd] CHATHISTORY command on -H channel results in a hard error (syzop)
0006012: [documentation] The contribution process is not documented (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2021-12-29
0006016: [installing] ./unreal upgrade not working on FreeBSD and some suggestions (syzop)
0006024: [ircd] /Chgname give the result: chgcmds.CHGHOST_COMMAND [info] CHGHOST (syzop)
0006038: [ircd] The "set time" in the snotice glines has been removed (syzop)
0006029: [ircd] io.HIGH_LOAD [warn] HIGH CPU LOAD! fd_select() took 1234 msec (read: 1, write: 0) (syzop)
0006027: [ircd] Small details spotted in whois and (syzop)
0006032: [ircd] Timed extended bans do not get removed (syzop)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2021-12-17
0004454: [ircd] Channel Prefixes (syzop)
0004058: [ircd] Remote Includes at TLD Blocks (syzop)
0006022: [documentation] and old log block (syzop)
0006020: [documentation] snomasks.default.conf include missing from example conf (syzop)
0006019: [ircd] /GLINE %~country:BD not working. (syzop)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2021-12-04
0006002: [ircd] SPAMFILTER regex fails to match (syzop)
0006015: [ircd] KICK doesn't support multiple channels anymore, despite unchanged TARGMAX (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2021-11-20
0005996: [ircd] Windows version does not like @endif (syzop)
0005997: [ircd] geoip URL should not download EVERY time (syzop)
0005992: [ircd] link.LINK_ERROR_CONNECT doesn't expand properly (syzop)
0005988: [ircd] link.SERVER_LINKED_REMOTE repeats itself a lot (syzop)
0005411: [ircd] U6: Colors on config warning / error (syzop)
0005764: [ircd] /WALLOPS <text> doesn't echo back the message to the sender (syzop)
0005999: [installing] Compile Error: ‘struct pollfd’ has no member named ‘local’ (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2021-11-07
0005989: [ircd] link.LINK_DENIED_DUPLICATE_SID_LINKED+ misses server name in via (syzop)
0005993: [ircd] tls.DEBUG_TLS_FATAL_ERROR doesn't seem to expland properly (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2021-10-31
0004320: [ircd] Add MONITOR support. (syzop)
0003202: [ircd] Allow remote includes anywhere a file is expected (syzop)
0005705: [ircd] U6: geoip features (syzop)
0005800: [ircd] Send oper levels across links (syzop)
0005526: [ircd] Add "cipher" information in /whois under RPL_WHOISSECURE (syzop)
0005941: [ircd] U6: ability to disable +q/+a/+h (syzop)
0005546: [ircd] U6: Logging code cleanup (syzop)
0005543: [ircd] U6: make extbans use names instead of letters (syzop)
0005823: [ircd] Staff file doesn't work with remote url (syzop)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2021-10-03
0005968: [ircd] new c-ares version (syzop)
0003734: [ircd] about allowing arabic nicknames in unreal (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2021-07-10
0005960: [ircd] MD information recieved by remote server not broadcasting about itself (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-07-09
0005957: [ircd] Eline conflict (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-07-03
0005951: [ircd] Missing 'account' tag on INVITE messages (syzop)
0005934: [ircd] SJOIN bursts not properly propagated to SJSBY-supporting clients (syzop)
0005937: [ircd] memory leak in anti-flood (syzop)
0005904: [ircd] CHATHISTORY TARGETS should be sorted (syzop)
0005943: [ircd] Crash after adding allowed-nickchars to running server (syzop)
0005939: [ircd] Windows logging max file size reached x1000 (syzop)
0005945: [ircd] ./unrealircd genlinkblock - refuses to generate a link block with no tls (syzop)
0005936: [ircd] Make REHASH also reread TLS certs (syzop)
0005925: [ircd] Validate UID in UID command (syzop)
0005916: [ircd] Lots of autoconnects on large networks lead to race conditions/desyncs. (syzop)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2021-06-16
0005913: [ircd] Problem spamfilter - It sometimes ignores (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-06-14
0005906: [ircd] SQUIT message sent back to origin (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-06-04
0005838: [ircd] Allow on /STATS to display the maximum server connection that can handle (syzop)
0005899: [ircd] UnrealIRCd fails to compile when enabling remote includes if libcurl4-openssl-dev isn't installed (syzop)
0005873: [ircd] connection-delay (in set::restrict-commands) range should probably be wider (syzop)
0005852: [ircd] The shun ~ a:account does not work (syzop)
0005334: [ircd] U5: WHOX searching on reputation (argvx)
0005843: [ircd] /eline ~S:CERT returns an invalid error (syzop)
0005836: [ircd] security-group::tls cannot be used in config file. (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2021-03-13
0005806: [ircd] [5.0.9-git] Localhost IPs ( CIDR) on webirc gives false positive on dronebl dnsbl and stops users from connecting (syzop)
0005712: [ircd] U6: extendable connect notices (syzop)
0005784: [ircd] Add support for dated logfiles (syzop)
0005802: [ircd] Option to limit the number of connections per IP globally (syzop)
0005820: [ircd] /Eline bugging with the spamfilter or it's me who doesn't know how to use it (syzop)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-12-30
0005549: [installing] Symlink to the source directory (syzop)
0005801: [ircd] make binary print better error on script args (syzop)
0005799: [ircd] Messages from Services are omitted after 8 lines (syzop)
0005797: [ircd] [5.0.8-git] When using /rehash, we are warned every ~40s that the certificate is about to expire (syzop)
0002984: [ircd] Some /stats features. (syzop)
0005766: [ircd] USER command post-registration returns wrong numeric (syzop)
0005774: [ircd] Add a reason and ID to "Forbidding Q-lined" message (syzop)
0005787: [ircd] unreal reports "this server is full" and closes connection, when it is nowhere near maxclients or fd limit (syzop)
0005727: [ircd] warn on expiring certificates (syzop)
0005769: [ircd] Problem with password and/or ident in the block Allow (syzop)
0005761: [ircd] WHO accountname a only shows all logged in entities if neither uses the nick accountname (syzop)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-28
0003895: [ircd] OPERMOTD suffix incorrect (syzop)
0003517: [documentation] Tempshun on documentation (syzop)
0004722: [ircd] /stats b is not listing the badword filters (syzop)
0005758: [ircd] server-time messages out of order (syzop)
0005708: [ircd] Multiple lines (\r\n) in single websocket frame with labeled-response (syzop)
0005736: [ircd] +b ~T:censor results in empty PRIVMSG (syzop)
0005698: [ircd] Voiced users bypass +b ~T:block and +b ~T:censor (syzop)
0005753: [ircd] /links will show in mIRC even when disabled. (syzop)
0005757: [ircd] WHO hides yourself in result if not in any channels (syzop)
0005745: [ircd] Memory leak and constant rehashing of certificates (syzop)
0005746: [ircd] /mode #channel +l 2147483648 adds gibberish for the channel limit. (syzop)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2020-07-16
0005707: [ircd] History playback-on-join settings are ignored (syzop)
0005709: [ircd] Invalid batch tags when using @label-ed HISTORY command (syzop)
0005688: [ircd] Incorrect server message when LOGOUT from the nickname (syzop)
0005723: [ircd] Bug of tempshun on spamfilter (syzop)
0003972: [ircd] Autoconnect link does not reconnect after split (syzop)
0005607: [ircd] Autoconnect links fail to reconnect: "called a function you should not call" (syzop)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2020-05-29
0005704: [ircd] labeled-response on websocket connections result in invalid messages from server (syzop)
0005687: [ircd] IRCD sends 2 times the NICK when services force a nickname change due late to identify (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2020-05-27
0005646: [installing] Update Windows libs for 5.0.5 (syzop)
0005680: [ircd] +f being set multiple times on netsync (syzop)
0005603: [ircd] TKL updates are gone (syzop)
0005669: [ircd] Rare crash issue involving third-party channel mode with param and +P (syzop)
0005667: [ircd] Buffer overflow in crule parser (syzop)
0005657: [documentation] who are limited to 100 results, when configured without limit (module whox.c) (syzop)
0005573: [ircd] restrict-commands: "exempt-identified" does not exempt "disable" (syzop)
0005632: [ircd] upgrade to c-ares 1.16.0 eventually (syzop)
0005634: [ircd] bypass ~f:#chan:mask ban by an operator invite (syzop)
0005644: [ircd] Chanmode +kL redirects even if joining with correct channel key (syzop)
0005640: [ircd] read_int64() may write OOB (syzop)
0005679: [installing] update pcre2 to 10.35 (syzop)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2020-04-19
0005566: [ircd] Problem with shun (/shun and shun of spamfilter) (syzop)
0005629: [ircd] Incorrect user shown removing glines, gzlines and spamfilters on remote server (syzop)
0002655: [ircd] Tempshun listing, identification (syzop)
0005519: [ircd] /stats s doesn't seem to show tempshuns (syzop)
0005355: [ircd] U5: hide idle option for regular users (syzop)
0005553: [ircd] Crash when unloading module with moddata (syzop)
0005580: [ircd] Can't remove remote tempshuns (syzop)
0005616: [ircd] Sajoin user 0 works but nicklists do not update to show parting of channels (syzop)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-11
0005558: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't changing the nickname in some cases (syzop)
0005554: [ircd] Crash reporter often not running? (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-08
0005547: [ircd] Update labeled-response: drop draft/ (syzop)
0005540: [ircd] EventAdd() from module ??? with suspiciously low every_msec value (2) (syzop)
0005541: [ircd] /stats Z does not work (syzop)
0005521: [ircd] /SAPART command doesn't send a /PART to channels with chmode +D (syzop)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2020-01-22
0005237: [module api] Provide a way for modules to add flags to chmode +f (syzop)
0005535: [ircd] Opers are only joined to the first channel if multiple channels are specified in set::oper-auto-join (syzop)
0005528: [ircd] /ELINE flags 'fg' doesn't working at all (syzop)
0005458: [ircd] New set::options::spamfilter-ban-ident option (syzop)
0005029: [ircd] can you add the manual /kline to ban-include-username yes; (syzop)
0003984: [ircd] TKL exemption for SSL certificates. (requested by Veil). (syzop)
0005276: [ircd] UnrealIRCD blacklist + antirandom modules doesn't let the user connect in if ban-action is warn,shun,tempshun,kill (syzop)
0005524: [ircd] Except Throttle does not work on 5.0.1 (syzop)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2020-01-03
0005499: [ircd] Reputation database not saving (syzop)
0005501: [ircd] Blacklist module doesn't allow clients to connect if warn action set (syzop)
0005509: [ircd] @if causes miscounting of line numbers shown in config errors (syzop)
0005346: [ircd] U5: WHOX help (syzop)
0005514: [ircd] Misleading error message when trying to join a channel not starting with # (syzop)
0003256: [ircd] maxperip exception block (syzop)
0005507: [ircd] ELINE option to exempt maxperip restriction (syzop)
0005273: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't let O-Line staff members to remove a channel mode from MLOCK if services are down (syzop)
0005495: [installing] Segmentation fault (core dumped) (syzop)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2019-12-13
0002286: [ircd] Multiple IP's/host's in allow block (syzop)
0005274: [documentation] update default configuration file (syzop)
0002723: [ircd] allow-userhost-change force-rejoin not done @ SVSMODE -xt by services (syzop)
0004230: [ircd] Ident: Doesn't accept underscore (valid in RFC!) (syzop)
0005329: [tests] U5: buildbot enhancements (syzop)
0005381: [ircd] except blacklist issue (syzop)
0005207: [ircd] got strange set::modes-on-connect behaviour (syzop)
0005478: [upgrade-conf] Memory leak in upgrade-conf (AddressSanitizer) (syzop)
0005485: [ircd] SASL authentication only works in the server where services are directly linked (syzop)
0005483: [ircd] CAP LIST does not give any capabilities at all on IRCv3 capable IRC clients (syzop)
0004891: [ircd] staff-file doesn't work with URLs (syzop)
0005279: [ircd] UnrealIRCd 5 master tracking issue (syzop)
       0005339: [upgrade-conf] (Config) upgrade from 4.x to 5.x (syzop)
       0005323: [documentation] U5: publish doxygen docs (syzop)
14 issues View Issues