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  000510723   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-07more flexible 'require-sasl' requirements
  00039737   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-07Log linking attempts
  00051112   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-07SVSMODE -t does not remove vhost
  000490951 ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-02Extended ban on type "extbans/textban" not working properly on words with dots
  000500717   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-02antirandom: exclude webirc option
  00050885   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-02Allow webirc gateway's IP to bypass max-unknown-connection-per-ip limit
  00051022   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-02Use newer compiler for Windows build
  00051081   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-02plaintext-policy: permit localhost oper/client
  00051174   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-02Consider loading more modules by default
  00051184   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-02tell ircd NOT to load a module
  000514911 ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-21ciphersuites support for TLSv1.3
  0004575183 ircdfeaturefeedback (syzop)2018-09-20Support for WHOX and extended-join client capability
  00051431   module apifeatureresolved (syzop)2018-09-20Priorities for CmdOverrides
  00051442   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-15away-notify fails to send :AWAY when users join channel while away
  00051304   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-13Permissions issues
  00049527   ircdtweakresolved (syzop)2018-09-10Failure to display any /motd & /rules 2 hops away from local server
  00045383   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2018-09-10Truncated channels name
  00048401   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-09Duplicate error messages when attempting to set channel modes +O/+P as a regular user
  00051343   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-09Chanmode +z can't be overriden
  00050906   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-09memory leak via dead_link()
  00051231   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-09-09Halfops don't see the users JOIN if chmode +D is set
  000397220   ircdmajorfeedback (syzop)2018-09-09Autoconnect link does not reconnect after split
  0005142    ircdfeaturenew2018-09-08Sort Bans in Channel Lists
  00051052   ircdfeatureacknowledged (syzop)2018-09-07add ssl tests
  00050912   ircdminorconfirmed2018-09-07no bind/config errors in GUI?
  00051282   ircdfeatureacknowledged2018-09-03blacklist (dnsbl): adding a way to manually test IP
   00044635   ircdfeatureacknowledged2018-07-14make umode +G also censor channels
  00041595   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-07-14Add timed channel bans
  000371915   ircdfeatureacknowledged (syzop)2018-07-14Add UTF-8 support
  00049163   ircdminorfeedback (syzop)2018-07-14Jumpserver command STILL doesn't redirect SSL users to the port set as SSL
  00051123   ircdfeatureacknowledged2018-07-14Add option to display a content of a file with a 'aliased' command
  00051155   ircdtrivialnew2018-07-14Improve some messages sent by the IRCd
  00050705   ircdminoracknowledged (syzop)2018-07-14Multiple channels/targets in KICK doesn't work properly
  0005110 1 ircdminornew2018-07-02Doesn't stop colors/bold/italics/underlines at the end of TKL reasons.
  0005109    minornew2018-06-27[Feature Request] Option to allow override of "oper-only-stats" option
  00051062   installingminorresolved (syzop)2018-06-23Upgrading the IRCd normally leads to an error related to libcurl
  00051045   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2018-06-21Cannot connect to SSL port: No shared ciphers
  00032436   ircdfeatureacknowledged2018-06-11port-based allow blocks
  00050984   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-06-11WEBIRC users bypass blacklist checks
  00042316   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-06-11Create flags options in allow { }.
  00050925   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2018-06-11Add option to require SASL auth to connect
  0005094    ircdminornew2018-05-02set::staff-file not working
  00050661   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-04-22Numeric conflict (?) in m_ircops
  00050784   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-04-22ssl pointer not freed on error
   00050832   ircdtweakresolved (syzop)2018-04-22ctx init on reload
  00050403   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-04-22blacklist: add ipv6 support
  00050873   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-04-21doesn't daemonize correctly (fork, close fds)
  00050791   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2018-03-25Change output of RPL_SNOMASK to have the snomask in a parameter
  00050521   ircdcrashresolved (syzop)2018-03-25Segfault when parsing poorly-formed conf file
  00050541   documentationminornew2018-03-25Documentation Errors / Minor Issues

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