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  0004980    ircdminornew2017-08-15+N is not allowed for modes-on-connect even with the module noinvites added..
  00049751   module apitrivialresolved (syzop)2017-08-15extban_conv_param_nuh not marked as extern
  000495751 ircdtweakfeedback (syzop)2017-08-14Hide last hostname part from cloaked hosts
  00049817   ircdfeaturenew2017-08-10make +f set +D channel mode in case of floods
  00049541   ircdfeaturenew2017-08-10ports in connect snomask
  00049612   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-08-10m_tkl ban_too_broad() logic errors
  00049822   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2017-08-09Strict Transport Security CAP
  00043804   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2017-08-09add SNI support for multiple ssl certificates
  0004976    ircdtweaknew2017-07-30Clarify output of tkl update
  00049581   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-06-02CAP NAK not sent for unrecognised CAPs in all cases
  00049502   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2017-06-02Non-existing operclass but allows oper-up anyways
  00049522   ircdtweaknew2017-05-31Failure to display any /motd & /rules 2 hops away from local server
  00049532   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2017-05-31Usermode secureonlymsg failure to fucntion properly with users at 2 server hops away
  00049512   ircdtweakacknowledged2017-05-31Removal of operclass leaves memory leak
  00049491   ircdtrivialnew2017-05-12user mode -r
  00049487   ircdblockresolved (syzop)2017-05-10large number of connections causes port to stop working
  00049191   ircdtweakacknowledged2017-04-07When log is full, the ircd doesn't write 'Max file size reached, starting new log file' message
  0004926    ircdfeatureacknowledged2017-04-04Cant JUMPSERVER across links
  0004923    ircdminorconfirmed2017-04-04admin block required even with m_admin disabled.
  00049251   ircdtweakacknowledged (syzop)2017-04-04Delay for /LIST and Private Messages
  00049162   ircdminornew2017-03-31Jumpserver command STILL doesn't redirect SSL users to the port set as SSL
  00047224   ircdminornew2017-03-30/stats b is not listing the badword filters
  00049001   ircdminornew2017-03-30Listen blocks should support using options { websockets; };
  0004915    ircdminornew2017-03-28missing server name in link rejection message
  00049071   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-03-28Jumpserver command doesn't redirect SSL users to the port set as SSL
  0004910 1 ircdtrivialnew2017-03-27Never spamfilter messages _to_ U:Lines
  000490911 ircdminornew2017-03-27Extended ban on type "extbans/textban" not working properly on words with dots
  00049013   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2017-03-20Users IP shows up when /mode nick -t with force-rejoin option set
  000489831 ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2017-03-18[nocodes] Make +S strip italic
  00048941   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2017-03-13Channels user count and the user count displayed in /LIST are different.
  000489011   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2017-03-11user info isn't properly propagated across the network
  0004891    ircdminornew2017-03-11staff-file doesn't work with URLs
  00048834   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2017-03-06ChanMode +f: IRCd not properly removing flood parameters after new mode set.
  0004882    ircdminornew2017-02-20isupport does not update maxbans
  00048413   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-02-10Channel mode +Z not set at channel creation
  00048461   ircdtweakresolved (syzop)2017-02-10something with (user)MODE
  00048391   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-02-10/HELPOP chmodes not up-to-date
  0004840    ircdminoracknowledged2017-01-22Duplicate error messages when attempting to set channel modes +O/+P as a regular user
  00048361   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-01-124.* Compatibility Handling of GLOBOPS
  00048332   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2017-01-09Mode +D: another duplicate JOIN
  0004831    ircdfeaturenew2017-01-02Translation/altering hard coded messages
  00048261   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2016-12-30./unrealircd stop always says unrealircd.pid: No such file
  00047837   ircdcrashresolved (syzop)2016-12-30IRCd stops (crashes?) on /PART
  00044552   ircdminornew2016-12-30consider removing archaic files
  00047713   ircdmajorconfirmed (syzop)2016-12-30inconsistent privileges
  00046788   module apifeatureresolved (syzop)2016-12-30Support for websockets
  00047732   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2016-12-29exempt IPs in the blacklist block
  000058515   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2016-12-29[config] include files aren't directly included
  00046791   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2016-12-29allow SSL certificates per-port
  00048162   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2016-12-27+D bugs

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