Released 2004-09-03
0002032: [ircd] Weird crash, maybe parse again, or something else .. (syzop)
0001926: [documentation] mkpasswd documentation (syzop)
0002057: [ircd] Spamfiler + away (syzop)
0002085: [ircd] multiple types in except tkl (codemastr)
0002051: [ircd] Problems for Chinese nick (syzop)
0001990: [ircd] Link with hostname (not IP) broken on IPv6 compile (syzop)
0002101: [ircd] badword "#" crash the IRCd (syzop)
0001335: [ircd] Preventing flooding when q-lined nicks connects (syzop)
0001686: [ircd] Aliases that message to a channel (codemastr)
0002097: [ircd] Hostname Resolving With FreeBSD Jails (syzop)
0001983: [ircd] TODO: salted passes + make md5 always available (syzop)
0002073: [documentation] tokens.txt needs updating (codemastr)
0001965: [ircd] users with snomask +s can see oper up notices (codemastr)
0002023: [ircd] SVSMODE removal of oper modes has unpredictable effect (codemastr)
0002017: [ircd] Watch params (codemastr)
0002020: [ircd] Channel mode +M bug ? (codemastr)
0002019: [documentation] link::ciphers (codemastr)
0002048: [ircd] Kline distributed on directly connected servers on update (codemastr)
0002045: [ircd] ip ban (channels) impossible when users ip has resolved to (codemastr)
0002132: [ircd] Ban IP block ineffective (syzop)
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