Released 2004-10-28
0002237: [documentation] help.conf: REHASH documented to clear temporary klines when it actually does not (syzop)
0002398: [ircd] [win32] /SAMODE - not setting +G/+j/+T under certain conditions (syzop)
0002397: [ircd] /LIST command no longer returns channel modes (codemastr)
0002399: [ircd] umode +g - not unset if an oper sets -o/-O (codemastr)
0002395: [module api] oldcloak (syzop)
0002391: [ircd] Chmodes +p/+s and +S/+c - possible desynch (syzop)
0002392: [documentation] Better documentation on new channelmode +j (codemastr)
0002393: [documentation] example.conf bugs (codemastr)
0002383: [ircd] Invite with no parameters prints garbage (codemastr)
0002373: [documentation] doc/technical/token.txt out of date (syzop)
0002251: [ircd] spamfilter u not matching on nick change ? (syzop)
0001503: [ircd] let a +a user -a themselves... (syzop)
0002229: [ircd] crash at res.c:1385 (syzop)
0002349: [documentation] Where to find information about precedence of oper modes (syzop)
0002246: [ircd] /GZLINE <nick> (syzop)
0001770: [ircd] Oper Override for channel modes not always displayed (syzop)
0001826: [ircd] OperOverride bug (-h) (syzop)
0002087: [ircd] SAMODE bug (syzop)
0001840: [ircd] Restricted /samode-handling with Halfop (syzop)
0001704: [ircd] operoveride bug (syzop)
0002006: [ircd] I think is a small text error in /whois with ssl (syzop)
0002375: [ircd] Color codes stripped from nearly badwords-matching sentences (syzop)
0002074: [ircd] illegal character in nickname bug (syzop)
0002355: [ircd] chmode +j doesn't display error message if halfops try setting it (syzop)
0002358: [module api] Typo in src/modules/m_chgname.c (syzop)
0002333: [ircd] Halfops exempt from +f #t? (syzop)
0002374: [documentation] Nonexisting set::allowed-characters (syzop)
0002325: [ircd] Sajoin notice send the channel double. (codemastr)
0002359: [ircd] nick change notices when after reciving a SVSNICK command from services (codemastr)
0002366: [ircd] Userip / userhost commands (codemastr)
0002341: [ircd] Typo in /stats responce (syzop)
0002360: [ircd] charsys synch/link issues (syzop)
0002354: [documentation] Documentation Tweakage (syzop)
0002070: [ircd] Localized nick support (syzop)
0002338: [ircd] Spamfilter : Use 'tkltime' for the 'shun' action ? (syzop)
0002223: [ircd] ban version: action shun (syzop)
0002327: [ircd] Logging important events without log{} (syzop)
0002185: [ircd] NOOP Allows Former Opers to See Privileged Info (syzop)
0002198: [ircd] ~c extended ban type improvement (syzop)
0001929: [ircd] Allow spamfilter.conf to scan topics as well as any other message. (syzop)
0001236: [ircd] nodnscache / resolver TTL bug (syzop)
0002300: [ircd] Modules are copied to temporary directory (syzop)
0002084: [documentation] item still remains in systray even if it delete from conf (codemastr)
0001758: [installing] GUEST command doesn't work (codemastr)
0002290: [documentation] me::numeric inconsistancy (codemastr)
0002299: [ircd] /stats confusion, documentation bugs (codemastr)
0002044: [ircd] Implementation of Invex (chanmode +I) (codemastr)
0002306: [ircd] /Invite bug / Bad Documentation Of /Invite (codemastr)
0002210: [ircd] SVSPART reason field not working (codemastr)
0002222: [ircd] SVSMODE -b|e does not work with new extended bans. (codemastr)
0001524: [ircd] Stats for except tkl (codemastr)
0002288: [ircd] Whois Notification Problem (codemastr)
0002297: [ircd] Cloak Key Error (codemastr)
0002293: [ircd] sajoin's snotice (codemastr)
0002266: [ircd] set::htm::incoming-rate screwed up (codemastr)
0002202: [installing] - Fixed alloca warning @ Linux (post-3.2.2) is not fixed (w/SSL etc) (codemastr)
0002248: [ircd] Channel +f flood notices target is "incorrect" (codemastr)
0002120: [ircd] SIGINT (or ./unreal restart) does not reload config changes (codemastr)
0002231: [ircd] Sajoin with multiple channels not working (codemastr)
0002269: [installing] dccallow.conf missing from Win32 build (codemastr)
0002270: [ircd] SVSMODE -b should remove IP bans on user (codemastr)
0002284: [ircd] Typo in module m_oper.c (codemastr)
0002253: [ircd] Sajoin and Sapart logic (codemastr)
0002240: [ircd] CIDR notation circumvents "Too broad mask" protection (codemastr)
0000920: [ircd] Regex documentation (codemastr)
0002191: [installing] win32 version still defaults to 'install as a service' (syzop)
0002230: [ircd] flat-map option returnes juped servers also (syzop)
0002228: [ircd] except tkl not working (syzop)
0002024: [ircd] umode +g (syzop)
0002212: [ircd] make most eyes snomask messages global (syzop)
0001487: [ircd] chanmode +z in conjunction with mode +i or +k, and operoverride invite (syzop)
0002205: [documentation] Spamfilter "away"-Target is not documented (codemastr)
0001298: [ircd] set::gline-address (codemastr)
0002107: [ircd] IPv6 Numeric IPs not in compressed form (codemastr)
0002148: [ircd] improve error msg "cannot join channel (+z)" (codemastr)
0001933: [ircd] "set::allow-userhost-change force-rejoin;" allow banwalks? (codemastr)
0002193: [ircd] Oper flags in /stats o (codemastr)
0002190: [ircd] /invite list (codemastr)
0002188: [ircd] in deny link {} in rules with "-" in the mask config fails (codemastr)
0002178: [ircd] backslashes in config files not working correctly (codemastr)
0002165: [ircd] Throttle message (codemastr)
0002161: [ircd] dont-resolve + show-connectinfo="Looking up your hostname" (codemastr)
0002149: [ircd] Minor bug with STATS (codemastr)
0002166: [documentation] fail-oper-warn (codemastr)
0002096: [ircd] Who flag for bots (codemastr)
0002134: [ircd] SAMODE notice text has an extra space (codemastr)
0000176: [ircd] botmotd and opermotd in TLD block (codemastr)
0002145: [installing] More ./Config options (codemastr)
0002141: [documentation] Document default snomask behavior (codemastr)
0002116: [ircd] missing const in match.c (codemastr)
0002123: [module api] Smarter handling of MOD_Dep paths (codemastr)
0002126: [ircd] non-fatal warnings for duplicate config tags (codemastr)
0002147: [ircd] proposed alias update: auspice.conf (syzop)
0002121: [ircd] WATCH webtv support (codemastr)
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