Released 2005-03-13
0001440: [ircd] Client connection Message shows localhost. instead of localhost (stskeeps)
0002481: [ircd] IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for same DNS don't get resolved properly (syzop)
0002797: [ircd] Globbing/Wildcard error in oper::from::userhost (syzop)
0002782: [ircd] global qline fot *\* (syzop)
0002778: [documentation] serverprotocol.html (syzop)
0002774: [documentation] Unreal3.2/doc/ corrections (syzop)
0002777: [ircd] Crash bug apparently SSL related (syzop)
0002772: [ircd] Nick Collision on Nicks with \ included (syzop)
0002773: [ircd] Crash bug with localhost connections (syzop)
0002767: [module api] SVSSNO/SVS2SNO not being different commands when sent to remote server in m_svssno.c (syzop)
0002762: [ircd] Maxbanlength issue (syzop)
0002766: [ircd] Unused include/config.h settings (syzop)
0002765: [ircd] Typo in config.h comments (syzop)
0002752: [ircd] ~c:#c\*t not working (syzop)
0002753: [ircd] set::maxsbans, set::maxbanlength report dup (syzop)
0002447: [ircd] [win32 + curl] Support for FTPS/HTTPS (syzop)
0002460: [ircd] Empty (but existing) included files cause an error (syzop)
0002511: [ircd] Modify the channel bans limit without editing sources (syzop)
0002700: [ircd] /STATS v output's an uppercase V before the lines instead of lowercase (syzop)
0002747: [ircd] Segfault on /SQUIT (latest CVS, .409) (syzop)
0002724: [ircd] allow cyrillic nick (not only russian) (syzop)
0002744: [ircd] [patch] Using chinese-* charset will cause crashes (syzop)
0002743: [ircd] Killed oper gets wrong servername (syzop)
0002570: [ircd] spamfilter viruschan action incompatible with user target (syzop)
0002510: [documentation] Server link option "quarantine" doesn't do what it says it does (syzop)
0001509: [ircd] link::nodnscache generates flood under certain conditions (syzop)
0002656: [installing] ./Config and SSL (syzop)
0002496: [ircd] Spamfilter 'p' should match messages send via aliases (/ns, /cs, etc) (syzop)
0002698: [ircd] static-part's 'no' option doesn't do what it's intended to do (syzop)
0002696: [ircd] /setname not returning anything if no argument is given (syzop)
0002482: [ircd] [OpenBSD] A /rehash kills the ircd (syzop)
0002388: [ircd] You can change your nick TO a banned one in a channel. (stskeeps)
0002681: [ircd] Syzop borked extended bans ;) (syzop)
0002674: [module api] Probable redundant MyClient call (syzop)
0002670: [ircd] Missing "else" in src/ircd.c (syzop)
0002671: [module api] Redundant if/then/else construct in src/modules/m_kill.c (syzop)
0002644: [ircd] Oper override invite and oper auto join conflict... (syzop)
0002659: [ircd] Trouble with SSL and C-Ares (syzop)
0002499: [ircd] find_cache_number crash (syzop)
0002658: [installing] Someone forgets to add win/ares/ files (syzop)
0002652: [ircd] s_serv.c m_restart (syzop)
0002632: [ircd] Document deaf mode privmsg escaping feature, and use a better default? (syzop)
0002639: [ircd] crash (syzop)
0002577: [installing] Current CVS does not compile with 2003 (codemastr)
0002207: [ircd] Fake Lag configurable by class ? (syzop)
0002083: [ircd] SpamFilter Problem (syzop)
0002605: [ircd] +b ~c: not-allowing certain bans (syzop)
0002427: [ircd] Allow channel directive mis-reporting errors. (codemastr)
0002594: [installing] Compile error with gcc-4.0.0-8 & IPv6 (syzop)
0002431: [ircd] resolver problem: not resolving CNAME'd PTR's correctly (syzop)
0002585: [ircd] Wildcard bug? (syzop)
0002553: [ircd] unable to load efunction register_user (syzop)
0002554: [ircd] crash error when connecting users (syzop)
0002508: [ircd] Wierd results with +I and set::modes-on-join (syzop)
0002474: [installing] Config won't spot 'config.settings' (syzop)
0002466: [ircd] Channel mode 'G' given twice in a /VERSION response (syzop)
0002441: [ircd] /WATCH doesent work? (syzop)
0002436: [ircd] Support for danish characters (syzop)
0002425: [ircd] Segmentation fault on bad "badwords" (syzop)
0002666: [installing] probleme make
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