Released 2006-02-06
0002683: [ircd] Multiple notify fails to trigger watch events (syzop)
0002926: [installing] make: permission denied (syzop)
0002952: [documentation] I cant change the topic as netadmin with override (syzop)
0002950: [ircd] SVSHOLD/qline-H nicks still produce qline rejection notices (syzop)
0002836: [ircd] Not Relinking Properly, Then a Crash (syzop)
0002944: [ircd] doestn't run anymore with #undef STRIPBADWORDS (syzop)
0002940: [ircd] Normal users can still change the topic with +m on (syzop)
0002879: [ircd] Location and CURL (syzop)
0002929: [ircd] Crash upon '/STATS Z' (syzop)
0002921: [installing] compilation error in timesync.c (AF_INET undeclared) (syzop)
0002137: [ircd] real command aliases (syzop)
0002911: [ircd] broader tkl mask (syzop)
0002896: [ircd] allow changing numeric without server restart (syzop)
0002868: [ircd] More than one IPv6 listen block may cause a crash (syzop)
0002899: [ircd] EGD missing parameter but is not necessary (syzop)
0002891: [ircd] [Patch Pending] charsys.c langlist order fix for binary search (syzop)
0002875: [ircd] VStudio 2005: Crashes on link to any server, stats, or services (syzop)
0002050: [ircd] ban-bug with restricted channel and vhost's (syzop)
0002877: [ircd] Better compression (syzop)
0002843: [ircd] don't resolve correct all hostnames (syzop)
0002850: [ircd] Z-Lines is not checked when a CGI:IRC client is connecting (CVS) but is on rehash/kills (syzop)
0002838: [installing] namesx on cvs (syzop)
0002835: [ircd] error in #define in struct.h (syzop)
0002823: [installing] Unable to install: error In function `m_pass': (syzop)
0002821: [installing] Cant compile latest cvs on Windows XP SP 2 (syzop)
0001580: [ircd] CGI:IRC support (syzop)
0002820: [ircd] connect notice problem (syzop)
0002798: [installing] missing quote in produce bad code with autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59 under (syzop)
0002748: [ircd] 3.2.5 Release (syzop)
       0002941: [installing] Fails in Config when enable remote include (syzop)
       0002863: [ircd] Weird buildin-IRCd time synching idea (syzop)
       0002581: [ircd] [BUG] operator count bug! (syzop)
       0002722: [ircd] Command type alias's tweak + semi-related bug fix (syzop)
       0002448: [ircd] config.h IRC_UID and IRC_GID macros make no sense (syzop)
       0002275: [ircd] cloak algorithm feature request (syzop)
       0002894: [ircd] Windows XP SP2 Pro : Wircd crashes. (syzop)
       0002565: [ircd] SETHOST, cloaking, and VHP (syzop)
       0002883: [ircd] set::maxdccallow still allows 1 entrie if set to 0 (zero) (syzop)
       0002806: [installing] [internal] Unreal, or actually: c-ares, should not depend on C++ compiler (syzop)
       0002233: [ircd] Banned users can change the topic? (syzop)
       0002865: [ircd] Hide stats requests (syzop)
       0002854: [ircd] chroot compilation broken (syzop)
       0002853: [ircd] RPL_MYPORTIS is at ircd startup spoofed to syslogd (syzop)
       0002365: [ircd] /trace not usable by local opers (syzop)
       0002848: [ircd] Unreal should support chained SSL certificates (syzop)
0002783: [installing] Fails to compile on Visual Studio 2005
0002678: [ircd] A curiousity in is_banned()
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