Released 2006-06-16
0002938: [installing] Library order screws things up (unable to compile) (syzop)
0001501: [ircd] new server ban idea (stskeeps)
0003238: [ircd] rehash causes ircd to open new fd for modules (syzop)
0002936: [ircd] 3.2.6 Release (syzop)
       0003150: [ircd] connection error not received? (syzop)
       0003131: [ircd] PingPong warning bug? (syzop)
       0003018: [ircd] Autoconnect flooding connections to hub (syzop)
       0003114: [ircd] warning then choosing belarusian language (syzop)
       0003113: [documentation] Add to help.conf info about extended bans. (syzop)
       0003004: [ircd] WebTV whois does not canonize nicknames as /whois does it. (syzop)
       0002902: [ircd] Failed oper notices not all global'ed (aquanight)
       0002890: [ircd] [warnings] Warnings on compile - POSIX Deprecation (syzop)
       0002953: [ircd] mkpasswd crypt (syzop)
       0002980: [ircd] Big services stamp may break synchrony among servers. (syzop)
       0002886: [ircd] [Patch pending] don't crash just becuse no permission to open file. (syzop)
       0002866: [ircd] [Win32] Crash on start due to SSL private key prompt (syzop)
       0002933: [ircd] SVSMODE +x error (syzop)
       0002802: [ircd] UnrealIRCd crashes on startup (or fails to work) under Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (syzop)
       0002981: [ircd] SVSMODE -b and the new cloaked matching ban stuff (syzop)
0003143: [ircd] Spamfilter u with warn option. (syzop)
0003141: [documentation] svsnline syntax in help.conf (syzop)
0003138: [ircd] Not getting link error message (syzop)
0003135: [ircd] didn't get notices about oper-up (syzop)
0003125: [installing] INADDR_NONE is not defined (syzop)
0003122: [ircd] (possible) Typo in some warnings in charsys.c (syzop)
0003064: [ircd] SAPART not supporting multiple channels (syzop)
0002734: [ircd] wircd fail to initialize on /restart command (syzop)
0002467: [documentation] A little typo on Svssilence HelpOp (syzop)
0002975: [ircd] static text version over dynamic (syzop)
0002970: [ircd] #define SIXBONE_HACK deprecated (syzop)
0002488: [documentation] SVSNOOP help.conf Documentation Incorrect. (syzop)
0002721: [documentation] single letter aliases not possible -> command exists (syzop)
0002964: [documentation] NAMESX in docs/technical/005.txt (syzop)
0002974: [documentation] chmodef documentation incorrect for type k (syzop)
0002818: [documentation] Typo in HelpOp (syzop)
0003081: [ircd] Typo (syzop)
0002478: [ircd] Usermode to stop /invites being recieved (syzop)
0002680: [ircd] Remove "If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts" message (syzop)
0003074: [ircd] (1) set::dns::bind-ip directive seen as duplicate (syzop)
0002636: [ircd] Snomask +N shows changes on ulined servers (syzop)
0003110: [ircd] "SVSMOTD !" does not removes /motd output until ircd restart. (syzop)
0003015: [installing] failed to load tmp/[random] (aquanight)
0003069: [ircd] IRCd crashes on startup with segmentation fault if non-existent allowed-nickchars parameter selected (aquanight)
0003106: [installing] not compiling windows version with latest cvs (syzop)
0003085: [module api] not being built (syzop)
0003097: [ircd] patch for compatability with java nick command when password is set (syzop)
0003095: [ircd] Daemon crashes with no errors in the log file (syzop)
0003102: [ircd] Ukrainian charset bug (syzop)
0002966: [ircd] libz and libssl version issue (syzop)
0003054: [ircd] incorrect reverse dns (syzop)
0003044: [ircd] SVSNICK Collisions (aquanight)
0003032: [ircd] Certificate loading problem? (CVS .556) (syzop)
0002601: [ircd] Non-SSL Opers can join +z channel with SAJOIN (syzop)
0002889: [ircd] Noticing "oper override" on /mode #chan -h nick (syzop)
0002992: [ircd] Desync when mixing +Q & KICKs (syzop)
0003003: [ircd] tld::options::ssl ignored? (syzop)
0002965: [ircd] include/config.h #undef SHOW_SECRET behavior or documentation incorrect (syzop)
0002900: [installing] compilation error (syzop)
0002979: [documentation] serverprotocol.html: server protocol number is at 2308, not 2307 (syzop)
0003048: [ircd] mode f figures in wrong position in 005 token CHANMODES (syzop)
0003051: [ircd] Sapart and Sajoin are reported differently.
0002532: [ircd] oper::modes can set +z on non-ssl connections
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