Released 2006-08-19
0003223: [ircd] Undocumented max link pass length (syzop)
0003368: [ircd] Remote module for all (stskeeps)
0003308: [ircd] When someone creates a channel, +q them as well (nate)
0003387: [installing] make error - undefined reference to `tre_version' (WolfSage)
0003626: [installing] Current 3.3 ./Config revision fails (Stealth)
0003182: [installing] SHOW_SECRET (config.h) defined by default (nate)
0003199: [installing] Installation overwrites files (stskeeps)
0002507: [installing] Renaming old files to file.old before make installing (stskeeps)
0003244: [ircd] Mistake in /msg IRC WHOIS <nick> (stskeeps)
0003396: [installing] not copying server.*.pem on "make install" (stskeeps)
0001438: [ircd] uname() vs uname ? (aquanight)
0003395: [ircd] not exists command /spamfiler (stskeeps)
0003363: [ircd] Patch for run-time configuration of setuid/setgid user and group. (stskeeps)
0003292: [installing] Failure to link IRCd (-lintl) (stskeeps)
0003338: [ircd] Update win32 makefile (stskeeps)
0003345: [ircd] Fixed compile errors and runtime errors. (stskeeps)
0001920: [ircd] Problem with changing portrange in listen block + /rehash (stskeeps)
0002695: [ircd] s_misc.c, two unused functions (WolfSage)
0003382: [ircd] Broken comments in example.conf (WolfSage)
0003340: [installing] A few warnings (WolfSage)
0002531: [ircd] Stats 'H' not listed in /stats (stskeeps)
0002833: [ircd] UHNAMES (and NAMESX too) (stskeeps)
0001924: [ircd] cloak key generator, like './unreal gen-cloak' (aquanight)
0002822: [ircd] Support DSA (or DSA+RSA) certificates/keyfiles (stskeeps)
0002368: [ircd] TLS cipherlist in set block (stskeeps)
0003028: [ircd] Perhaps more intelligent handling of listener-accept (stskeeps)
0003139: [ircd] Improve error message for /connect (stskeeps)
0003060: [ircd] Remote rehashing -ssl / -garbage is not Global'd (stskeeps)
0002687: [installing] ./Config and Install Paths (stskeeps)
0003019: [ircd] DNS configuration options have no point at all (stskeeps)
0003283: [ircd] Masked channels in /list (stskeeps)
0002728: [ircd] Channels like cannot be handled by services or other servers(??) (stskeeps)
0003277: [ircd] Pseudoservers don't match channel masks (stskeeps)
0003278: [ircd] Channel names shouldn't allow two colons in them (stskeeps)
0003279: [ircd] /invite and masked channels (stskeeps)
0003301: [ircd] Sending "%s" instead of actual data (stskeeps)
0003288: [ircd] read error preffix in quit msg if socket error on read (stskeeps)
0003290: [installing] includes networks* files/dirs (stskeeps)
0003232: [ircd] /Map is not shown u:lined servers to local opers and /links does. (stskeeps)
0002685: [ircd] Useless if () in m_help.c (stskeeps)
0003287: [ircd] Unreal's 318 end of /whois list breaks RFC (stskeeps)
0003091: [installing] Problems when specifying different directory for binary in Config (stskeeps)
0003212: [ircd] /userip <someone_else> seemingly shows my (cloaked) IP (stskeeps)
0003285: [ircd] Commit me. (stskeeps)
0003186: [documentation] -ssl not specifed in UnrealIRCd Documentation as being able to use for /rehash (stskeeps)
0003146: [ircd] Modes O , S not rejected for modes-on-connect (stskeeps)
0002157: [module api] Cloaking module allows identical Cloak Keys (stskeeps)
0003147: [ircd] /Setname and spamfilter (stskeeps)
0003273: [documentation] Documentation in help.conf is lacking some new features (stskeeps)
0002420: [documentation] Documentation doesn't tell us that we can do /kill nick1,nick2,... (stskeeps)
0002404: [documentation] Expanding Addline Documentation (stskeeps)
0002844: [ircd] Spamfilter bawks on capitalizing actions (stskeeps)
0002560: [ircd] SAMODE with incorrect # of params sends incorrect ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS reply (stskeeps)
0003159: [documentation] Typo in UnrealIRCd Documentation for class (stskeeps)
0002842: [ircd] [Rehashing] Output glitch in server notice (stskeeps)
0003274: [ircd] Nick inconsistancy when using SAPART (stskeeps)
0003118: [ircd] Typo in command (stskeeps)
0003171: [documentation] doc/technical/token.txt typo (stskeeps)
0003234: [ircd] user hosts in oper blocks should support CIDR (aquanight)
0003145: [ircd] too many target protection is not configureable or excemptable (Trocotronic)
0003164: [ircd] A way to test the config file (from the command line or without having to actually rehash) (Trocotronic)
0003136: [ircd] Unreal reports error but actually it starts (Trocotronic)
0003196: [documentation] Typo! (Trocotronic)
0000935: [ircd] SQLINE command but for channel banning (Trocotronic)
0003063: [installing] ./Config asks for domainname but that info is not used anywhere (Trocotronic)
0002963: [ircd] CRC32 is wrong (Trocotronic)
0003105: [documentation] TOPIC command os not described in documentation (aquanight)
0002864: [documentation] link::leaf-depth incorrect, also link::hub/leaf (aquanight)
0003083: [documentation] leaf-depth should be leafdepth (aquanight)
0002623: [documentation] Hub vs. Leaf (aquanight)
0003084: [ircd] deny link ignored for autoconnects. (aquanight)
0003077: [ircd] SVSO - doesn't remove C (Coadmin) (aquanight)
0003079: [ircd] SQUIT doesn't send token.
0003072: [ircd] mode acknowledge on channel svs(2)modes not token (aquanight)
0003025: [documentation] SVSNLINE doesn't remove realnamebans (aquanight)
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