Released 2006-12-22
0003207: [ircd] An illogical check for oper privileges on /rehash with parametres. (syzop)
0003257: [ircd] Users can set +f mode multiple times (syzop)
0003272: [ircd] Remove restrictions on NOTICE/PRIVMSG $* for opers. (nenolod)
0003422: [documentation] Must be changed/added to documentation. (syzop)
0003429: [ircd] not giving warning or error if in oper block placed two or more auth-types. (stskeeps)
0003405: [ircd] 3.2.7-RC1 Link with SSL assume autoconnect (stskeeps)
0003264: [documentation] Typo in help.conf (/helpop ?extbans) for ~c [prefix]channel extban (WolfSage)
0003179: [ircd] SAPART is globaled by every server that sees it (syzop)
0003142: [ircd] SDESC not messaging +s +s clients on local server when it is used (syzop)
0003109: [ircd] [Feature request] Usermode +F - exception from Fake Lag (syzop)
0002888: [ircd] Virtual Ident (syzop)
0003203: [ircd] Oper Override Flag (syzop)
0003160: [documentation] Whois misses in protocoll doc (aquanight)
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