Released 2007-06-29
0003450: [module api] Filters ( and ) aren't removed with rehash (aquanight)
0003437: [ircd] localhost should be cloaked (aquanight)
0003439: [module api] tweak (aquanight)
0003513: [ircd] Extend chanrec::IsBanned (so we can have extbans) (aquanight)
0003521: [installing] configure does not pull epoll support properly. (aquanight)
0003518: [ircd] [Unreal 4] WHOWAS needs to accept number parameter (stskeeps)
0003515: [ircd] Added ban-server {} configuration (stskeeps)
0003486: [ircd] Implemented ENCAP proposal (stskeeps)
0003463: [ircd] Implement parser for U3 configuration format (stskeeps)
0003485: [ircd] Implement /RPING /RPONG (stskeeps)
0003496: [module api] SSL ports in 005 numeric (stskeeps)
0003511: [ircd] Crash On /CONNECT (stskeeps)
0003509: [module api] Implement "ban version" blocks from U3 (stskeeps)
0003510: [ircd] Added m_officialchannels module (stskeeps)
0003508: [ircd] Added m_allowdenychans module (stskeeps)
0003497: [ircd] Unreal4 forced to run as the user ircd (stskeeps)
0003416: [ircd] Unreal4: LOADMODULE with wildcard output result of each module (stskeeps)
0003480: [module api] Work on integrate /BOTMOTD into the m_botmode module (stskeeps)
0003490: [ircd] Hide +j and +f secondary variables from /LIST for regular users (stskeeps)
0003481: [ircd] m_cloaking.cpp only errors when all of the keys are missing (stskeeps)
0003458: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to /RULES command (stskeeps)
0003427: [module api] should be configurable through <files> (stskeeps)
0003425: [installing] configure script does not handle errors in ssl-creation properly (stskeeps)
0003476: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to /MOTD numerics (stskeeps)
0003462: [ircd] Implement two user interfaces for configure for U4 (stskeeps)
0003471: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Error in configure script (stskeeps)
0003468: [ircd] [Unreal 4] SSL WHOIS Numerics (stskeeps)
0003434: [ircd] Make install doesn't copy example files to conf directory (stskeeps)
0003419: [ircd] unreal script does not create pid-file properly (stskeeps)
0003457: [module api] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to SSL output in /WHOIS (stskeeps)
0003435: [documentation] unrealircd default/example configuration file (stskeeps)
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