Released 2007-07-18
0003392: [documentation] some added to help.conf (syzop)
0004285: [installing] Compile error on Mac OS X (syzop)
0003638: [installing] Compile error on Mac OS X (syzop)
0002278: [ircd] Double /connect's (nate)
0003454: [ircd] Unreal3.2.8 TODO (syzop)
       0003764: [documentation] Need to add in documentation (syzop)
       0003680: [installing] Unrealircd does not compile under Visual studio 2008 (syzop)
       0003545: [module api] Remote includes // upgrade c-ares (syzop)
       0003354: [ircd] Dont allow part message when banned (syzop)
       0003572: [ircd] Zline with IPv6 (syzop)
       0003554: [ircd] Setting ban on channel with +b ?!*@* (syzop)
       0003117: [ircd] Improve +S , +c (syzop)
       0003453: [ircd] Overflowed unzipbuf increase UNZIP_BUFFER_SIZE (syzop)
       0003175: [module api] Make channelmodes non-PERM (syzop)
       0003174: [module api] Make usermodes non-PERM (syzop)
       0002446: [documentation] Chroot and uid, gid macros undocumented (syzop)
       0003311: [ircd] CGI:IRC & IPv6 Issue (syzop)
       0003494: [ircd] IPv4 masks don't work in oper blocks (syzop)
       0003527: [ircd] Fix chroot again (syzop)
       0003163: [ircd] Allow style IPs in IPv6 mode (not only ::ffff: // cgiirc block does not work w/ipv6 (syzop)
       0003430: [ircd] invalid banlist entries created by netsplits (syzop)
0003357: [ircd] Exiting ssl client [@]: SSL_write(): OpenSSL functions requested a read() (syzop)
0002932: [ircd] Local opers can /chghost /chgident /chgname on someone thats on another server on the network (syzop)
0002475: [ircd] [Win32] Absolute module path (C:\etc) in loadmodule gives "the specified module cannot be found." (syzop)
0002172: [ircd] Admin block behavior (syzop)
0003313: [ircd] me::name length (syzop)
0002971: [ircd] Paranoid SSL settings (syzop)
0003755: [ircd] IPv4 address display incorrectly in the z-lined message when IPv6 support is enabled (ohnobinki)
0001855: [ircd] module bug: umode lost on /rehash (syzop)
0003809: [ircd] msvcr9 assembly error (syzop)
0003845: [ircd] Unreal does not run without the MSVS Redistributable Package (syzop)
0003833: [ircd] Listen SSL errors are logged as warnings (syzop)
0003812: [ircd] errors (syzop)
0003803: [installing] 3.2.8 unable to make (syzop)
0003230: [ircd] TSCTL Offset Freeze (syzop)
0003800: [documentation] incorrect description of wildcard matching (syzop)
0003689: [ircd] Address out of bounds (syzop)
0003785: [ircd] Unreal has a segmentation fault when i am include a file from a web server. (syzop)
0003758: [ircd] Bug with oper override (syzop)
0003767: [installing] not compiling on macos x (syzop)
0003761: [ircd] Typo in the +q usermode notice (syzop)
0003752: [ircd] /Spamfilter not showing XX requested stats 'f' (syzop)
0003739: [ircd] move HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_PASS (syzop)
0003725: [ircd] unable to start server (syzop)
0003377: [ircd] Z:Line exceptions are not entirely effective (syzop)
0003684: [ircd] Error Starting IRCd under Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.2) (syzop)
0003743: [installing] include/ares/config-win32.h (syzop)
0003320: [installing] Problems compiling 3.2.6 / probably a gcc issue (syzop)
0003371: [ircd] banning *!?@* blocks any ip bans from being set (syzop)
0003671: [installing] Use c-ares 1.5.1 (syzop)
0003548: [documentation] ChatOps: Documentation wrong or missing feature? (syzop)
0003311: [ircd] CGI:IRC & IPv6 Issue (syzop)
0003163: [ircd] Allow style IPs in IPv6 mode (not only ::ffff: // cgiirc block does not work w/ipv6 (syzop)
0003524: [ircd] [Unreal 3] email duplicate (syzop)
0003323: [ircd] Tracking of forbidden nicks/channels is inconsistant (syzop)
0003412: [ircd] Bad Channel Mask '#::' can be allowed if user gives '*'. (syzop)
0002982: [ircd] Version of operation system defines in compile-time, not run-time.
0003738: [ircd] IRCd segfaults when linking to the network
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