Released 2010-12-15
0004274: [ircd] improper use of mode_t for DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS in chmod and open operations (ohnobinki)
0003189: [ircd] improper use of mode_t for DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS in chmod and open operations (ohnobinki)
0003970: [installing] latest cvs doesent compile (syzop)
0003797: [ircd] Module not found: (syzop)
0003720: [ircd] ULines and Server can set channel mode +z when insecure users are present causing an "invalid state" of security (syzop)
0003943: [ircd] loadmodule permission denied errors on windows (syzop)
0003963: [ircd] Option to allow broad bans (patch included) (syzop)
0002535: [documentation] Ban/TKL Exception Blocks Clarification (syzop)
0001522: [ircd] /rehash -global command (syzop)
0003848: [installing] installer should disallow choosing encrypted certificate if "install as service" is selected (syzop)
0003961: [installing] doesent compile under vs 2008 anymore? (ohnobinki)
0003358: [ircd] missings operoverride notices (syzop)
0003950: [ircd] oper-up message uses vhost instead of realhost (ohnobinki)
0003893: [ircd] Firefox XPS IRC Attack (ohnobinki)
0003957: [ircd] Remote server disconnects do not get broadcasted via notice (syzop)
0003959: [documentation] badword message {} does not apply to channel messages, docs are unclear 'bout this (ohnobinki)
0003958: [installing] ./Config does not forward --enable-inet6 parameter to configure process (syzop)
0003955: [installing] Modifications to source necessary to compile on QNX 6.5.0 (ohnobinki)
0003956: [ircd] Timing issue on QNX 6.5.0 in ircd.c (syzop)
0003947: [ircd] /msg IRC whois <nick>: <nick> is a Secure Connection (ohnobinki)
0003794: [installing] missing aclocal files (ohnobinki)
0003329: [ircd] Not unsetting all modes on /umode2 -o (ohnobinki)
0003053: [ircd] Warning when running as root (ohnobinki)
0003944: [ircd] FreeBSD, IPv6 build, IPv4 listen blocks and *:port listen blocks (syzop)
0002620: [installing] copying ircdcron/ircdchk to the destination dir with `make install` (ohnobinki)
0003916: [ircd] upgrade TRE (ohnobinki)
0002321: [ircd] ipv6 clones checking (ohnobinki)
0003193: [ircd] Enable some combinations of extbans (aquanight)
0003928: [ircd] Fix chained/stacked bans (syzop)
0002817: [ircd] Request: Extended Invex (syzop)
0003932: [installing] Update c-ares to latest version (ohnobinki)
0003939: [ircd] patch to fix for various compiler warnings (ohnobinki)
0003192: [ircd] Add a new simple extban (ohnobinki)
0003133: [documentation] Add SSL client cert documentation (oper, link blocks, etc) (ohnobinki)
0003940: [installing] ./configure claims curl doesn't have cares enabled, could use pkg-config (ohnobinki)
0003938: [installing] Trigger rebuild on ./Config changing remote includes or zip links (ohnobinki)
0003931: [installing] ircd no longer compiles with curl (ohnobinki)
0003935: [installing] user-friendly `make custommodule' errors (ohnobinki)
0001507: [ircd] Remote including of MOTD files (syzop)
0003168: [ircd] (re)move timesynch errors (syzop)
0003918: [installing] unable to compile under windows (ohnobinki)
0003913: [ircd] Address out of bounds (syzop)
0003896: [ircd] any unknown options in ssl::options make ircd to crash (ohnobinki)
0003907: [ircd] IPv6/4 addrs (::ffff:w.x.y.z) break NICK connection parsing (ohnobinki)
0003909: [ircd] ban except (+e) broken in CVS (syzop)
0003905: [ircd] unreal_copy() function doesn't support DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS=0 (ohnobinki)
0003902: [documentation] unreal32docs.html#aliasblock is confusing (ohnobinki)
0003891: [installing] compile as hub or compile as leaf is pointless (ohnobinki)
0003904: [documentation] Unreal.nfo refers to #unrealircd instead of #chat (ohnobinki)
0003901: [ircd] CVS/3.2.9 cannot link/connect to a <= hub (syzop)
0003894: [ircd] REHASH -MOTD not rehashing all MOTDs (syzop)
0003884: [documentation] ./Config could be more verbose with explaining the questions (syzop)
0003002: [ircd] Motd line ending on \ removes the following newline (syzop)
0003881: [documentation] /quote helpop ?rehash should talk about -dns (syzop)
0003889: [installing] old pkg-config m4 macros (syzop)
0003887: [installing] bundled c-ares fails on solaris, PATH_SEPARATOR undefined (syzop)
0003890: [installing] incomplete --with-system-cares support (syzop)
0003888: [installing] cURL not handled well by buildsystem (syzop)
0003885: [ircd] Unreal3.2.8 with UHNAMES: nickname-list LAG & SendQ High (syzop)
0003882: [ircd] /restart do not start ircd if syslogd is not running on linux box. (syzop)
0003656: [ircd] Include curl for automatic detection and configuration with Unreal (syzop)
0003849: [ircd] Log function for kline does not work. (syzop)
0003852: [ircd] FEATURE: set::level-on-join (syzop)
0003870: [ircd] ircd --help lies to me (syzop)
0003867: [ircd] LocOps don't have oper hosts set properly with get_host flag (syzop)
0003863: [ircd] run-time configuration of files (tune, pid, motd) (syzop)
0003866: [module api] New Packet hook (syzop)
0003858: [ircd] link::bind-ip in style breaks links on IPv6-enabled build (syzop)
0003864: [ircd] munmap_chunk(): Invalid Pointer: crash (syzop)
0003853: [ircd] Negative timestamp offset at startup breaks autoconnect (syzop)
0003846: [ircd] Don't correct /version output (syzop)
0003557: [ircd] Crash when reloading modules (syzop)
0003847: [installing] unrealircd should be able to use system c-ares (syzop)
0003842: [installing] unrealircd should compile with system tre (syzop)
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