Released 2011-07-19
0004028: [ircd] Rehash from commandline doesn't rehash MOTD (syzop)
0004030: [ircd] Missing die/restart notices. (syzop)
0004026: [installing] Unterminated quote found (ohnobinki)
0003990: [ircd] Add aliases/atheme.conf (syzop)
0004017: [installing] ./unreal gencloak can produce invalid cloak keys (ohnobinki)
0003934: [documentation] Update translations (syzop)
0003977: [installing] 3.2.9-rc1: Compile error (intptr_t undeclared) on OpenBSD-4.8 (ohnobinki)
0004011: [ircd] Unreal displays short MOTD on connect, even though no short motd exists (ohnobinki)
0004007: [documentation] Documentation does not say that +t allows a halfop to change the topic (ohnobinki)
0003992: [ircd] Remote MOTD crashes Unreal if URL fails to load (ohnobinki)
0003980: [documentation] /CREDITS command refers to broken URL (syzop)
0003975: [documentation] update doc/compiling_win32.txt (syzop)
0003965: [installing] Windows: Creating SSL cert even if present (syzop)
0003986: [ircd] remote MOTD fails when URL's path component specifies directories (ohnobinki)
0003982: [installing] Build fails on trying to link tre (ohnobinki)
0003981: [installing] ./Config does not detec AsyncDNS on FreeBSD (ohnobinki)
0003978: [documentation] Typo in for 3.2.9-RC1 (ohnobinki)
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