Released 2012-10-17
0004065: [ircd] UnrealIRCd crashes when logging to syslog-ng (ohnobinki)
0004102: [ircd] MOTD date (syzop)
0004019: [ircd] SSL Client Certificate Fingerprint Authentication (syzop)
0004104: [module api] modulize client CAP system & add disable options (syzop)
0004129: [ircd] Windows builds shouldn't use USE_POLL (syzop)
0003919: [ircd] recursive inclusion of unrealircd.conf causes hang and excessive cpu usage (ohnobinki)
0004091: [ircd] Make curl use poll with USE_POLL (syzop)
0004125: [ircd] Specify a constrain with the user class for deny,allow channel {} (syzop)
0003900: [ircd] UHNAMES following HTM (syzop)
0003988: [installing] make install does not copy *.pem files to run directory (syzop)
0003960: [ircd] Ping timeout count on client exit (syzop)
0004072: [documentation] /silence is not documentated. (syzop)
0004090: [documentation] Clarify that hiddenhost-prefix must be the same on linked servers for bans to function properly. (see 0004063) (syzop)
0004008: [ircd] Add oper::require-modes (to enforce being registered with nickserv or having an SSL connection) (ohnobinki)
0003399: [ircd] numeric 307 description (syzop)
0003055: [ircd] Server-side MLOCK support (syzop)
0004108: [ircd] crash on rehash or quit (after a while) (syzop)
0004107: [ircd] I/O Engine or buffer hang (syzop)
0004103: [ircd] WebIRC clients hosts are being resolved (Even though the dont-resolve; is set) (syzop)
0004098: [ircd] [patch] add support for account-notify capability (syzop)
0004097: [ircd] [patch] add support for away-notify client capability (syzop)
0004036: [documentation] set::options::no-stealth has no desciption. (syzop)
0004100: [installing] latest hg does not compile under windows (syzop)
0004079: [ircd] [feature] add SASL support using PUIDs (syzop)
0004094: [documentation] Typo in section 3.1 - Cloaking. (ohnobinki)
0004014: [installing] ./configure script's PACKAGE_VERSION does not match the actual unrealircd version (ohnobinki)
0004086: [ircd] /stats M (syzop)
0001245: [ircd] I/O engine / poll() support (syzop)
0004078: [ircd] [feature] make NOSPOOF runtime configurable (syzop)
0004073: [documentation] Translated example.conf to Spanish (syzop)
0004056: [documentation] Remove networks dir (syzop)
0003953: [ircd] Mode +I for hiding oper Idle times. (syzop)
0004018: [ircd] [Feature] Add CAPAB Support (syzop)
0004081: [ircd] [patch] enable 'tls' capability in CAP (syzop)
0004077: [ircd] [patch] fix racing in capability negotiation (syzop)
0004066: [ircd] [patch] Add IRCv3 client capability negotiation (syzop)
0003966: [ircd] [patch] ESVID - a more useful form of SVID for dreamforge-based IRCds (syzop)
0003298: [ircd] KICK inconsistancy (syzop)
0004035: [ircd] s_conf.c failed checking for unknown set::ssl options (syzop)
0002318: [documentation] Small error in Oper block documentation. (syzop)
0003967: [ircd] [patch] Use modern numeric replies for LUSERS (syzop)
0004064: [ircd] Expose STARTTLS support in ISUPPORT (ohnobinki)
0003289: [ircd] quits with ping timeout must also show seconds
0004093: [ircd] configure says version is (ohnobinki)
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