Released 2014-07-26
0003173: [module api] Make extban modules non-PERM (syzop)
0002994: [ircd] Missing users after nick collision (syzop)
0002792: [ircd] Desync: making an unkick/deopable kicker
0003968: [ircd] [patch] replace hashtables with splay trees (syzop)
0004110: [ircd] Extended user information (syzop)
0002906: [module api] Feature request : Asuka channel mode +D/+d (tmcarthur)
0004246: [ircd] bind-ip (tmcarthur)
0004241: [ircd] tsctl access levels (syzop)
0004232: [ircd] Change "Rejoining because of user@host change" text on part message to "Changing Host" (syzop)
0004283: [ircd] CAP Negotiation can be used to bypass PING cookie (nenolod)
0004222: [ircd] CAP Negotiation can be used to bypass PING cookie (nenolod)
0004205: [ircd] clean compile without -fno-strict-aliasing (nenolod)
0004209: [ircd] race-condition (?!) with exit_one_client() (nenolod)
0004196: [ircd] TS6-style SID/UIDs (nenolod)
0004211: [ircd] Simplify ircvsnprintf() (nenolod)
0004117: [ircd] Channel mode - Prevent channel destruction when channel is emptied. (nenolod)
0004193: [ircd] Ident lookup socket() does not disable IPV6_V6ONLY (nenolod)
0004189: [ircd] remove ziplinks support (nobody should be using it by now anyway) (nenolod)
0004208: [ircd] Create bounds-checking ircsprintf and use it everywhere (nenolod)
0003946: [ircd] CS INVITE noisy due to ircd invite notice (nenolod)
0004131: [module api] modulize client CAP system (nenolod)
0003662: [ircd] Remove AKILL command (nenolod)
0003134: [ircd] Automatic suffix on loadmodule (nenolod)
0004204: [installing] Default value for LISTEN_SIZE is empty, breaks build (nenolod)
0003726: [ircd] Custom cloak module (nenolod)
0004187: [ircd] implement memory pooling to reduce malloc overhead (nenolod)
0004202: [ircd] Remove redundant sendto_server_butone() and some other detritus (nenolod)
0003641: [ircd] possible crash in sendto_channel_butone (nenolod)
0004201: [ircd] replace sendto_serv_butone_*() calls with sendto_server() (nenolod)
0004082: [ircd] remove TOKEN support (nenolod)
0004200: [ircd] Fix possible format string injection in ping code in ircd.c (nenolod)
0004199: [ircd] Remove %b and %B from ircsprintf and remove base64enc/dec functions (nenolod)
0004198: [ircd] Remove base64 timestamp support (nenolod)
0004190: [ircd] remove SJB64 support (nenolod)
0004195: [ircd] Incorrect format string in sendto_serv_butone_token_opt (nenolod)
0002303: [ircd] restrict /TSCTL OFFSET to (new) can_tsctl ? (nenolod)
0004175: [documentation] "neve" instead of "never" (nenolod)
0004192: [ircd] /whois only shows the highest prefix (nenolod)
0003724: [ircd] MOTD line width limited to 80 bytes (nenolod)
0003012: [ircd] Ability to sqline channels. (nenolod)
0003107: [ircd] Feature Request: /who +p, for port (nenolod)
0001740: [ircd] ERROR message in /restart (nenolod)
0002677: [ircd] Unused config directives? (nenolod)
0002040: [ircd] +L without +l? (nenolod)
0003075: [ircd] Log block fails silently for non-creatable log files. (nenolod)
0003042: [ircd] Feature to add nick-length config parameter (nenolod)
0001631: [installing] call me crazy, but.... (src/modules/ (nenolod)
0004092: [documentation] Oper block example unnecessarily includes global flag (nenolod)
0002943: [ircd] ircd logging: use fflush instead of fopen+fclose all the time (nenolod)
0003989: [installing] Add make distclean (nenolod)
0003728: [ircd] extban ~n:*!*@* allowed for halfop (nenolod)
0003038: [ircd] Bandwidth and resource wastage when changing hostnames (nenolod)
0003971: [ircd] Users can see own usermodes in whois (nenolod)
0004150: [installing] make install creates blank unrealircd.conf (nenolod)
0004010: [ircd] Listen block "hidden" option. (nenolod)
0003949: [ircd] ./ircd --help should output usage information. (ohnobinki)
0001403: [ircd] Banwalking for Globalops & Serveradmins (nenolod)
0004096: [ircd] [feature] synflood hardening via TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT (nenolod)
0003668: [module api] missing 'allow-userhost-change' in /stats S (nenolod)
0002301: [ircd] "NickName is an IRC Operator" field on whois (nenolod)
0004184: [ircd] STARTTLS – sends an empty parameter instead of * during registration (nenolod)
0004173: [ircd] Clean up old TechAdmin (+T) stuff (nenolod)
0004163: [ircd] New way of loading modules (nenolod)
0004154: [ircd] CAP subcommands – case-sensitive (nenolod)
0003210: [ircd] Rip off no NEWCHFLOODPROT (nenolod)
0003948: [ircd] Drop webtv support (nenolod)
0003177: [ircd] Change add_Command's to CommandAdd's (nenolod)
0004151: [ircd] Add ISO 8859-6 character set (nenolod)
0004147: [ircd] Backport DH Parameters setting from devel branch (nenolod)
0003027: [ircd] -l <param> is sent on SJ3 merging modes
0002699: [ircd] Apparantly totally unused #ifdef'd stuff in lusers.c
0002095: [ircd] remove helpop noticing stuff (was: /helpop filtering suggestion) (nenolod)
0002990: [ircd] Q:Line Holds and "Erroneous Nickname" (nenolod)
0003410: [ircd] Globalops can speak when quiet banned. (nenolod)
0003307: [ircd] SVSKILL sending extra QUIT (from wrong direction too) (nenolod)
0002486: [ircd] local ircop cannot issue CLOSE command (nenolod)
0002451: [ircd] umode +q misstyped? (nenolod)
0002937: [installing] update config.h: remove disabling of THROTTLING, FAST_BADWORD_REPLACE, possibly more... (nenolod)
0003000: [ircd] Send TKL updates to G snomask (nenolod)
0003281: [ircd] Removal of masked channels (nenolod)
0004126: [ircd] [patch] new i/o recordkeeping code / evented i/o (nenolod)
0002066: [documentation] ircsprintf error (syzop)
0004160: [ircd] Channel mode +u/+mu (tmcarthur)
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