Released 2015-05-19
0003830: [module api] Whois hook.. (syzop)
0004337: [documentation] doc/example.conf (perhaps others) missing semi-colon (syzop)
0004136: [ircd] Extension to SSL Fingerprints (syzop)
0004020: [ircd] SSL Client Certificate Fingerprint Command (syzop)
0004341: [ircd] remove newnet (obsolete) (syzop)
0004342: [ircd] ircdreg was removed in 0000614, still found residue (syzop)
0004348: [ircd] G:lines cannot be set by anyone. (maybe except remote opers.) (tmcarthur)
0004328: [ircd] Segmentation fault (core dumped) (syzop)
0004311: [ircd] [3.4] Move TKL checking to loop again (tmcarthur)
0004327: [module api] Crash when unloading mode +f (tmcarthur)
0004324: [ircd] segfault on launch of ircd (tmcarthur)
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