Released 2015-06-10
0003156: [ircd] ./unreal restart and ./unreal rehash (syzop)
0003127: [ircd] [Feature request] Configurable max TS delta (syzop)
0003389: [ircd] Ability to retrieve SSL fingerprint of connected user (syzop)
0004343: [ircd] /mkpasswd is case sensitive (syzop)
0004347: [ircd] Apply fix for 0004318 to 3.4 (syzop)
0004359: [ircd] split built-in extbans to modules (syzop)
0004356: [ircd] Move to another regex engine (syzop)
0003181: [ircd] "/whois NICK" and "/msg IRC whois NICK" doesn't send identical notices (syzop)
0002409: [ircd] Stuff in core that could be moved to modules (pwease?) (syzop)
0004174: [ircd] Remove WebTV Part 3 (syzop)
0004353: [ircd] SIGSEGV in s_conf.c (syzop)
0004032: [ircd] Restructuring link block (syzop)
0004214: [ircd] bounce links that are too far out of sync (syzop)
0001393: [ircd] Duplicate users problem, ircd not sending quit correctly on logoff? (syzop)
0004046: [ircd] SSL Renegotiation Flood
0004250: [module api] HOOKTYPE_RAWPACKET_IN parameters inconsistent with HOOKTYPE_PACKET (syzop)
0004089: [ircd] non-interactive ./unreal mkpasswd can be logged to ~/.bash_history (syzop)
0004335: [ircd] Implement bcrypt password hashing method (syzop)
0004334: [ircd] make auth-type optional for password (syzop)
0001978: [ircd] Saving module data during a /rehash (syzop)
0003397: [ircd] failed /unreal stop, rehash on shell (syzop)
0003530: [documentation] add warn and aliases in docs. (syzop)
0002602: [ircd] Some feature suggests for Unreal 3.3* (syzop)
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