Released 2015-06-27
0002216: [documentation] More documentation for channel mode +u (syzop)
0003130: [ircd] TechAdmin & channel mode (syzop)
0003241: [ircd] Custom Classes (syzop)
0001714: [ircd] VHost in Oper Block (syzop)
0004371: [ircd] crash when /opering up sometimes (syzop)
0004365: [ircd] halfops privileges (syzop)
0004368: [ircd] ping not working? (syzop)
0004361: [installing] better directory structure & 'make install' by default (also good for system packages) (syzop)
0004339: [ircd] modules.conf needs reworked (syzop)
0004224: [ircd] CHGHOST does not give any feedback to the user or oper when executed (tmcarthur)
0003324: [ircd] LevelLimit style ircop restrictions (syzop)
0003378: [ircd] Comment Scripts (syzop)
0003620: [documentation] /rehash documentation updates (syzop)
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