Released 2015-07-14
0002497: [ircd] /spamfilter oper flag requirement (syzop)
0004218: [installing] Config parameter -quick does not bypass SSL certificate generation (syzop)
0004095: [ircd] /who and /names with IRCops. (syzop)
0004068: [documentation] Publican for the Documentation & Other things. (syzop)
0004364: [ircd] modularize more user modes (syzop)
0004033: [ircd] allow block: allow specifying only ip or hostname (syzop)
0004013: [ircd] Add multiple allow::hostname (syzop)
0002779: [documentation] +o or +O ? (syzop)
0002542: [documentation] m_rehash() and oper-flags/U:lines (syzop)
0002199: [ircd] tkl update doesn't actually update (syzop)
0002684: [ircd] Stuff that perhaps should be moved to snomasks. (syzop)
0004237: [documentation] new look conf (syzop)
0004212: [ircd] TS6-ish server protocol metabug (syzop)
       0004213: [ircd] parv[0] usage needs to be fixed (syzop)
0004322: [module api] modularize CAP (syzop)
0004132: [ircd] Crach on WHO with a IRC Service. (syzop)
0004355: [ircd] re-implement PROTOCTL SERVERS= (syzop)
0003590: [ircd] SVSMODE operator count bug (syzop)
0004367: [ircd] remove some old ircop chat commands (syzop)
0002613: [ircd] Usermode +t suggestion (syzop)
0004114: [ircd] Matching users' IP addresses against DNSBLs (syzop)
0004358: [ircd] certfp extban (syzop)
0003128: [ircd] Hub VS Leaf (syzop)
0003148: [ircd] Is local operator privileges should be reduced? (syzop)
0003593: [ircd] Patch to enable Oper with +a to remote rehash (syzop)
0002103: [ircd] Remote MOTD issues... (syzop)
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