Released 2015-07-23
0003560: [ircd] Channel ops desyncing on collided nicks after a server sync (syzop)
0004171: [ircd] There is a lot of defines in struct.h are not in use. (syzop)
0003306: [module api] Attaching objects to clients/channels for modules (syzop)
0003937: [installing] Automatic compiling and installing of 3rd party (custom) modules (syzop)
0003305: [ircd] set::oper-only-snomasks (syzop)
0004157: [ircd] config definable oper levels (tmcarthur)
0004333: [ircd] Segfault crashing IRCd after random amount of runtime (syzop)
0004376: [ircd] oper::mask style II (syzop)
0001977: [ircd] Desyncs after nickcollisions (syzop)
0003261: [ircd] [Feature request] Support for DNS hostname check in the link::hostname for INCOMING connections (syzop)
0004207: [ircd] RFC: bother with hybrid-style localClient split or not (syzop)
0004374: [ircd] Change client connecting notice to include IP address (syzop)
0004366: [ircd] listener gone, logging stopped (syzop)
0004375: [ircd] linking with ssl fp broken (syzop)
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