Released 2015-08-16
0004396: [installing] crashes on MAKE (syzop)
0001613: [ircd] Send rehash notices to the server requesting the rehash (syzop)
0002379: [ircd] openssl issue: openssl version mismatch (syzop)
0004392: [ircd] crash on dnsbl block (syzop)
0003991: [installing] makex refers to depriciated commands (syzop)
0002870: [ircd] [Feature Request] CIDR for channel bans/exempts/invites (syzop)
0000008: [ircd] IPv6 in UnrealIRCd/32 - for windows XP (syzop)
0003170: [ircd] Auto-bugreporting (syzop)
0002174: [ircd] anti-spam-quit-message-time not working (syzop)
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