Released 2015-10-26
0004491: [ircd] When using /CHGHOST on u4, any 3.2.x servers refuse it (syzop)
0004169: [ircd] Undefined variable used in makefile.win32 (syzop)
0004419: [ircd] epoll error & REHASH never succeeds - remote includes bug? (syzop)
0004431: [ircd] Crash due to invite-notify capability (syzop)
0002533: [ircd] Notice not sent when /*line, /shun is used without parameters to display/list bans (syzop)
0004422: [ircd] /notice $* doesn't work anymore (syzop)
0004426: [module api] +P gets removed (syzop)
0004425: [documentation] Channel Mode +A unavailable (syzop)
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