Released 2016-01-13
0004537: [ircd] Add ability to reload TLS configuration from command line (syzop)
0003994: [ircd] no more stale pidfile, patch to delete pidfile on shutdown (syzop)
0004482: [documentation] /squit server.* does not work (syzop)
0004533: [ircd] Incomplete MD command for certfp (syzop)
0004520: [ircd] ./unrealircd [stop|rehash] not working - something with pid file I guess (syzop)
0004507: [module api] blacklist module enhancements (syzop)
0004517: [ircd] /LIST <10000 (used by MIRC) does not show 0 user channels (+P) (syzop)
0004518: [ircd] pb of hostname resolution (CNAME) (syzop)
0004508: [ircd] cron script does not work / is not installed (syzop)
0004505: [ircd] CHGHOST (syzop)
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