Released 2016-03-11
0004592: [ircd] stackable blocks (syzop)
0004566: [ircd] Include blacklist match server notice into snomask (syzop)
0004576: [module api] SERVER parser error causing uplinks to show bad server description (syzop)
0004584: [ircd] set::modes-on-join should not check for channel mode 'A' since it has been removed from source (syzop)
0004516: [module api] use #include "unrealircd.h" in more files (syzop)
0004586: [ircd] Partial quit message (syzop)
0003993: [ircd] Add ability to hide quit messages of glined users (syzop)
0004559: [ircd] Linking (syzop)
0004564: [documentation] Wiki information on vhosts contains misleading pieces (syzop)
0004562: [ircd] Error logging using system syslog is not possible (syzop)
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