Released 2016-06-26
0004702: [ircd] Pre-Registration VERSION Duplicate Replies (005 AND 105) (syzop)
0004691: [ircd] ircd.motd cannot be found/read when specified in the files block (syzop)
0004697: [installing] Prevent installing in the same directory as source (syzop)
0003691: [ircd] Error code 502 never given (syzop)
0004556: [module api] no error sent on /SAMODE nick (setting user modes) (syzop)
0004683: [ircd] ircd becomes unresponsive if operclass parent does not exist (possible infinite loop) (syzop)
0004680: [ircd] Klines and Glines are only honored if set as *@host not user@host (syzop)
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