Released 2017-01-13
0004679: [ircd] allow SSL certificates per-port (syzop)
0004836: [ircd] 4.* Compatibility Handling of GLOBOPS (syzop)
0004833: [ircd] Mode +D: another duplicate JOIN (syzop)
0004826: [ircd] ./unrealircd stop always says No such file (syzop)
0004783: [ircd] IRCd stops (crashes?) on /PART (syzop)
0004678: [module api] Support for websockets (syzop)
0004773: [ircd] exempt IPs in the blacklist block (syzop)
0000585: [ircd] [config] include files aren't directly included (syzop)
0004816: [ircd] +D bugs (syzop)
0004686: [ircd] WHO does not support NAMESX (syzop)
0003979: [installing] Minor Makefile cleanup/better parallel make support (ohnobinki)
0004782: [ircd] Linked uline server receive SID for JOIN without asking for SID protocol (syzop)
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