Released 2017-05-12
0004924: [ircd] Remote MOTD requests causing netsplits (syzop)
0004907: [ircd] Jumpserver command doesn't redirect SSL users to the port set as SSL (syzop)
0004901: [ircd] Users IP shows up when /mode nick -t with force-rejoin option set (syzop)
0004898: [ircd] [nocodes] Make +S strip italic (syzop)
0004890: [ircd] user info isn't properly propagated across the network (syzop)
0004883: [ircd] ChanMode +f: IRCd not properly removing flood parameters after new mode set. (syzop)
0004906: [ircd] Server sets +b even if the ban list is full when using +f (syzop)
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