Released 2017-11-12
0004713: [ircd] memory leak in api-isupport.c:67 (syzop)
0005023: [module api] Denying HOOKTYPE_PRE_INVITE results in incorrect error string (syzop)
0004590: [ircd] warning is missing server name (syzop)
0004997: [ircd] /stats S not showing entire block (syzop)
0004882: [ircd] isupport does not update maxbans (syzop)
0004949: [ircd] user mode -r (syzop)
0005003: [ircd] ssl link certfp display in server links connections (syzop)
0005014: [ircd] add spki authentication type (syzop)
0004919: [ircd] When log is full, the ircd doesn't write 'Max file size reached, starting new log file' message (syzop)
0004957: [ircd] Hide last hostname part from cloaked hosts (syzop)
0005015: [ircd] set::allow-userhost-change force-rejoin not working (syzop)
0005012: [ircd] IRCv3 chghost caps support (syzop)
0005011: [ircd] move some settings from config.h to the conf (syzop)
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