Released 2018-06-23
0005090: [ircd] memory leak via dead_link() (syzop)
0005106: [installing] Upgrading the IRCd normally leads to an error related to libcurl (syzop)
0005104: [ircd] Cannot connect to SSL port: No shared ciphers (syzop)
0005098: [ircd] WEBIRC users bypass blacklist checks (syzop)
0004231: [ircd] Create flags options in allow { }. (syzop)
0005092: [ircd] Add option to require SASL auth to connect (syzop)
0005066: [ircd] Numeric conflict (?) in m_ircops (syzop)
0005078: [ircd] ssl pointer not freed on error (syzop)
0005083: [ircd] ctx init on reload (syzop)
0005040: [ircd] blacklist: add ipv6 support (syzop)
0005087: [ircd] doesn't daemonize correctly (fork, close fds) (syzop)
0005079: [ircd] Change output of RPL_SNOMASK to have the snomask in a parameter (syzop)
0005052: [ircd] Segfault when parsing poorly-formed conf file (syzop)
0005064: [ircd] 'set::cloak-method ip' not working properly with DNS resolving (syzop)
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