Released 2018-09-30
0005118: [ircd] tell ircd NOT to load a module (syzop)
0003973: [ircd] Log linking attempts (syzop)
0005117: [ircd] Consider loading more modules by default (syzop)
0005111: [ircd] SVSMODE -t does not remove vhost (syzop)
0005108: [ircd] plaintext-policy: permit localhost oper/client (syzop)
0004909: [ircd] Extended ban on type "extbans/textban" not working properly on words with dots (syzop)
0005107: [ircd] more flexible 'require-sasl' requirements (syzop)
0005007: [ircd] antirandom: exclude webirc option (syzop)
0005102: [ircd] Use newer compiler for Windows build (syzop)
0005088: [ircd] Allow webirc gateway's IP to bypass max-unknown-connection-per-ip limit (syzop)
0003335: [ircd] Notice before bad password connect when password does not match allow::password (syzop)
0005017: [ircd] Make it easier for Windows users to build from source themselves (syzop)
0004575: [ircd] Support for WHOX and extended-join client capability (syzop)
0005149: [ircd] ciphersuites support for TLSv1.3 (syzop)
0005143: [module api] Priorities for CmdOverrides (syzop)
0005144: [ircd] away-notify fails to send :AWAY when users join channel while away (syzop)
0005130: [ircd] Permissions issues (syzop)
0004952: [ircd] Failure to display any /motd & /rules 2 hops away from local server (syzop)
0004538: [ircd] Truncated channels name (syzop)
0004840: [ircd] Duplicate error messages when attempting to set channel modes +O/+P as a regular user (syzop)
0005134: [ircd] Chanmode +z can't be overriden (syzop)
0005123: [ircd] Halfops don't see the users JOIN if chmode +D is set (syzop)
0003296: [ircd] /who suggestions (syzop)
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