Released 2019-08-20
0005094: [ircd] set::staff-file not working (syzop)
0004497: [ircd] tune file not read? (syzop)
0004221: [ircd] Feed previous text to users on channel join (syzop)
0005314: [ircd] Unable to complete ./Config: install: ./ No such file or directory (syzop)
0005294: [ircd] U5: update SSL/TLS ciphersuite (syzop)
0005332: [ircd] U5: restrict-commands (Gottem)
0005347: [ircd] memory leak, something with tags? (syzop)
0005285: [ircd] U5: Rename SSL to TLS (syzop)
0005331: [ircd] Port m_storetkl (Gottem)
0005319: [ircd] U5: some minor breakages (syzop)
0005309: [ircd] U5: channeldb (syzop)
0005289: [ircd] U5: Optimize hash table (syzop)
0005288: [module api] U5: register global variables/data (syzop)
0005287: [ircd] U5: Channel history (syzop)
0005284: [ircd] U5: Rename some source files (syzop)
0002897: [ircd] Add allow::options::wrongpasscont (argvx)
0004684: [module api] Allow m_nopost core module to 301 permanent redirect to a website (argvx)
0004492: [ircd] make umode +T block channel CTCP's as well (argvx)
0005016: [ircd] Ability to Hide OS Version in /VERSION (argvx)
0003337: [ircd] PingWarning (argvx)
0004578: [installing] Custom OpenSSL library path is ignored (argvx)
0005178: [ircd] SAJOIN with +vhoaq (argvx)
0005204: [ircd] CIDR support in WHO i (argvx)
0005325: [ircd] EXTBAN ~T could block part/quit messages containing the blocked words (syzop)
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