Released 2019-09-21
0005460: [installing] make fails "s_bsd.c:533:8: error: too many arguments to function 'setpgrp'" (syzop)
0005337: [ircd] Floodprot additions (Gottem)
0005345: [ircd] U5: convert PERM modules to unperm (syzop)
0005186: [ircd] Spamfilter exceptions (syzop)
0002406: [ircd] [Feature Request] /ELINE - exceptions for /GLINE (syzop)
0004177: [ircd] [m_list_delay] - /LIST COMMAND DELAYER! (syzop)
0004203: [ircd] convert commonly allocated structures to use mempool code (syzop)
0004144: [ircd] Define Variables in config file. (syzop)
0004976: [ircd] Clarify output of tkl update (syzop)
0004925: [ircd] Delay for /LIST and Private Messages (syzop)
0005268: [ircd] Include KLines/Zlines In exempt tkl block (syzop)
0005267: [ircd] Ban Forward/Redirect (syzop)
0005336: [ircd] Port m_nick_minlen (Gottem)
0005401: [ircd] floodprot: incorrect flood counts (at least for 't') (syzop)
0005418: [ircd] tkldb module does not handle exceptions (syzop)
0005416: [ircd] Module chanmodes/delayjoin doesn't make users visible on unload (syzop)
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