Released 2019-11-02
0005312: [ircd] restrict-commands config option to make given commands oper-only (syzop)
0005417: [ircd] Server stops responding after unloading 'server-time' cap module (syzop)
0005412: [ircd] Unloading chanmode modules crashes the server (syzop)
0004620: [ircd] Use proper function instead of do_cmd() in NICK/UID (syzop)
0005415: [ircd] IRC errors when unloading "silence" module (syzop)
0005454: [ircd] Idle time on /WHOIS is set to 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC after a connect/reconnect (syzop)
0005219: [ircd] ./unrealircd configtest (syzop)
0005353: [ircd] U5: consider removing old protocol code (3.2.x etc) (syzop)
0005453: [ircd] SETNAME doesn't actually change the realname of the user (syzop)
0005109: Whitelist stats flags (reverse of oper-only-stats) (syzop)
0003372: [ircd] Assume password is sent when allow::password is sslclientcert and client is SSL (syzop)
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