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0001450unrealdocumentationpublic2004-01-07 12:59
ReporterEviL_SmUrF Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSRedhatOS Versionnot sure
Product Version3.2-beta19 
Summary0001450: Users can see server notices, even if +s is not enabled.
DescriptionFor some reason users can see server notices even if +s is disabled.

AS +iwx
* AS sets mode: +s
Server notice mask (+ks)
* AS sets mode: -s
Server notice mask (+)
- *** Notice -- Failed OPER attempt by ES[sleep] ([email protected]) [unknown oper]

This did not happen when Unreal3.2 was compiled without SSL support. Once I compiled with SSL support, this problem started appearing.
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2003-12-24 19:47

reporter   ~0004427

Forgot to add, I considered this major because unmasked hostmasks are shown =/


2003-12-25 01:39

administrator   ~0004433

If it wasn't christmas I would be able to help ;). But I can give you a quick hint... if you use latest cvs (see -> cvs blah) then the code contains additional debug info which helps tracing this issue down ([technical]if this is because of operfdlists getting fucked up, which really seems like it[/technical]). So if you are interrested in helping tracing this, you could do that...

Someone else reported this problem too but even after 3 weeks I haven't heard anything back... so that's not helping much ;).

I hope you are right about SSL.. that would give us a good hint. On the other hand, such things can be coincidence too ;).

BLAHHH *watch movie*


2003-12-25 04:31

reporter   ~0004434

I already gave him the CVS stuff, said he'd install it tonight ;)


2003-12-25 05:19

reporter   ~0004435

Audit of oper fdlist code:

We add to oper_fdlist if SVS[2]MODE +o and del if SVS[2]MODE -o. However, for "normal" conditions we add/remove for both +o and +O. Therefore SVS[2]MODE must be altered to add/del to the oper_fdlist if SVS[2]MODE is used to set +/-O

Again, only removes globops from the oper_fdlist, must be changed to remove locops as well.

I am doubtful that the error lies in the actual fdlist code simply because this only seems to occur with opers. If the problem were in fdlists, we would likely see server traffic sent to clients and vice versa. Also, I looked through all SSL specific code, I can't see anywhere that would cause this problem to occur.

Couple of questions to you:
1.) What IRC services do you use?
2.) Do you have any local (+O) IRC operators?
3.) Do your services have some sort of NOOP command or do you ever /os RAW to use SVSNOOP?
4.) Do you have services that maintain an oper list? I.e. they set +o for users who should be operators and what not.

Yup, this is the kinda stuff I wind up doing at midnight on Christmas :P


2003-12-25 15:47

administrator   ~0004436

btw, that new trace code is indeed ment to find add/remove bugs, not some bug in the fdlist code itself ;).


2003-12-25 20:31

reporter   ~0004438

Another cause:
user is +O
SVS[2]MODE +o results in a duplicate addition.


2003-12-26 03:17

reporter   ~0004444

All of the above mentioned errors should be fixed in the current CVS.


2004-01-03 19:25

administrator   ~0004526

EviL_SmUrF: could you confirm this has been fixed?
or anyone else..


2004-01-07 12:59

administrator   ~0004575

let's presume so...

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