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0001461unrealircdpublic2004-02-11 23:07
Reporterx64 Assigned Tocodemastr 
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Product Version3.2-beta19 
Summary0001461: No way to change snomask remotely
DescriptionIt would be beneficial if there was a way (perhaps SVSSNOMASK), for a u-lined server to change a users snomask. They can change the oline flags, the usermode, and almost everything else about the client but this. I actually have to use an elaborate system of SVSMODEing myself +o, setting snomasks, and then SVSMODEing -o on myself just to get snomasks without being opered.
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2003-12-31 11:05

reporter   ~0004485

What is the point of not being opered if you have the access to?


2003-12-31 11:27

reporter   ~0004486

1. Oper's bots that sit and collect stats, but don't need to be included in the "Operators online" count (which, when high compared to the global user count, can determine a network's lameness).

2. It would be the last thing needed to be able to do some type of "Remote /OPER" mechanism. For example, on our network, we have a centralized service that opers people up remotely so we don't need to change the oper lines on all the servers, and its more easily monitored.


2003-12-31 16:58

administrator   ~0004489

I don't like the idea of non-opers having oper snomasks at all..
[technical] In fact I am/was thinking about speeding stuff up so on-connect it wouldn't have to check like 500-1000 clients to see where to send the connect-notice to but only the local operfdlist (which is prolly like <5) [/technical].

Anyway, back to your original request... I think the snomask thing was requested already in 0000681 :).


2003-12-31 18:48

reporter   ~0004495

Well, all you've actually pointed out is a bug here. When you use SVSMODE to -o yourself, it should remove those snomasks. I'll correct this. Regarding setting snomasks remotely, as Syzop said, that was already suggested in 0000681 however it will not allow you to set oper snomasks if you are not an oper either.


2004-02-11 23:07

reporter   ~0004977

SVSSNO (and SVS2SNO) added in .2091

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