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0001499unrealircdpublic2004-01-17 19:01
ReporterAngryWolf Assigned Tocodemastr 
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PlatformLinuxOSSuSEOS Version8.2
Product Version3.2-beta19 
Summary0001499: Permanent modules & rehashing configuration

1. Now my problem is that some of my permanent modules don't have any way (or I don't find any) to clean out the memory before their configuration routines accept the new values of the blocks and directives used by the modules. The best would be to use HOOKTYPE_REHASH, of course. Could you make it so permanent modules can use this hook?

2. I'm sending you 2 patches, please consider them, I believe they are very useful. I'm also asking you for a change in the ./Config script: I miss that currently the libcurl location question does not accept default values (ie. /usr, /usr/local would be fine for default search locations).
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2004-01-16 19:46

reporter   ~0004695

about HOOKTYPE_REHASH, yeah I intend to do this.

About libcurl. No it will not use a default path, this was done intentionally. The thing is, none of the systems that come with libcurl by default have curl compiled with ares. As a result, it will not work with Unreal. Therefore I want to ensure the user knows what they are doing and are not simply taking the default value.


2004-01-16 20:12

reporter   ~0004696

Right, sorry. Thanks for the explanation.


2004-01-17 19:01

reporter   ~0004707

Added in .2046

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