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0001526unrealircdpublic2004-02-20 23:29
ReporterCnils Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2-beta19 
Summary0001526: Ability to tempshun from command line
DescriptionI think it would be very useful to be able to tempshun people.
As we can detect bottler clients, our bigest reason would be to fool them but still let them connect if they decide to skip the bottler client. (Or blotter, brian bottler or irc-orks for that matter)
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2004-02-09 13:46

reporter   ~0004916

To build even more on this idea. How about having an option to let shuned/tempshuned people be able to talk in the help channel only, with a notice of what's happening if they try anywhere else.
That way you have the ability to shun infected users and still beeing able to help them. That while they can't do any harm anywhere else. And, refering to the bottler issue, if you made a shun in error they have the ability to tell you so.


2004-02-09 18:38

reporter   ~0004920

somehow i don't think talking to a bottler client is going to help them.... :)
since there's no person listening

as far as tempshun, i don't know what you mean?
like /shun with an expiration? that feature is already present...
(/quote help ?shun for details)

as for letting shunned users talk in helpchannel, i think that would have adverse affect on those users who are shunned BECAUSE of talking too much in the help channel....



2004-02-09 21:47

administrator   ~0004927

What he means with a 'tempshun' is like a /shun but only applied to that current nick/session, so after it reconnects (s)he is no longer shunned... something I invented when thinking of ban version, and later in spamfilter.

About the helpchannel thing, I doubt that will be added.


2004-02-20 21:01

administrator   ~0005116

Got it coded, will commit to CVS tomorrow.


2004-02-20 23:29

administrator   ~0005117

Added in CVS .2126.

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