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0001770unrealircdpublic2005-02-27 17:37
Reporterlord2800 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0001770: Oper Override for channel modes not always displayed
DescriptionIn channels where an oper has no modes set on them, if that oper sets channel modes(I haven't gone through them all, but for certain +S, +h, and -h) on the channel, oper overrides are not shown, regardless of any settings.
Steps To ReproduceHave an oper attempt to set modes on channels without the proper access level(+S while not being +o, +c while not being +o, etc). Some show oper override, some do not.
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2004-05-02 20:36

reporter   ~0005982

When you say +-h, do you mean halfopping a user?


2004-05-02 23:35

reporter   ~0005993

Yes. Halfopping, opping, or other actions that would require at least op or above.


2004-05-04 19:05

reporter   ~0006074

How are you setting the modes? Through /mode #chan +o user or whatever, I presume...?


2004-05-05 01:11

reporter   ~0006086

Yes. Standard mode setting results in no oper override display for some modes.


2004-05-16 22:26

reporter   ~0006284

Last edited: 2004-05-16 22:28


No idea. If I remember when I get home, ill try it. (_No_ opers on our server have operoverride)

edited on: 2004-05-16 22:28


2004-05-16 22:32

reporter   ~0006285

I just noticed this...

and wondered if it could be related.
/me taps syzop or codemastr to have a lookie


2004-05-16 22:34

reporter   ~0006286

Reminder sent to syzop

If you could have a look at this, it would be much appreciated.


2004-05-16 22:44

administrator   ~0006287

Sorry w00t, I'm not really in the mood to take a look at this. I've fixed several operoverride bugs and they just KEEP comming EVERY release. For Unreal 3.3* I'm designing a system that will get rid of this problem [=of course not a solution for the next year or so.. just saying we do learn from out design mistakes ;p], but for now we will just have to keep fixing these bugs and I personally have had enough of them! [tired of fixing them] You probably have more luck with codemastr ;).


2004-05-16 23:33

reporter   ~0006290

Reminder sent to codemastr

Syzop declines to take a lookie, so I look to you!


2004-05-17 03:53

reporter   ~0006292

That appears to be, at the very least, a similar bug. This one is with oper override notices *not* being displayed where they should be, however.


2005-02-27 17:37

administrator   ~0009339

This MIGHT be fixed in current CVS... I at least get an operoverride notice whenever I try to +S/+h/etc.. But if you got some time, feel free to check it out.

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