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0002993unrealircdpublic2019-10-14 15:11
Reportertabrisnet Assigned Tosyzop  
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PlatformLinux/x86OSDebian LinuxOS Versiontesting
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha4 
Summary0002993: Charsets and channel names
DescriptionWe have restrictions to handle èricson (doesn't allow it unless it's in the charset list) as a nick... but no way to limit channels, given say #surrèalchat vs #surrealchat
The ircd sees this as two channels, and there's no way to limit the charsets for channels that I can see.
Additional InformationIn truth... this came up b/c MySQL appears to be confused about the è vs é vs e chars, although it seems to handle others properly. At present I can't find a way to get MySQL to restrict the charset better, and in the meantime a more bruteforce method seems to be in order.

Even so, this could have its own issues for impersonation channels. Nothing like having a network with a #lobby vs #löbby. I realize that it will also take the case weird... Which is all the more reason to allow restrictions on the charsets for channels if we can for nicks.
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2007-04-27 04:00

reporter   ~0013783

I'm going to 'ack' this, but errr.. there is HUGE problems with case mapping..


2007-06-06 16:37

reporter   ~0014285

just a note on mysql. 4.0 doesn't handle it properly. 4.1 you can set a valid charset such that it handles it properly.


2007-07-15 10:00

reporter   ~0014494

Charsys affects to nicknames. I also suggest to restrict channelnames, like nicknames (apply do_nick_name to channelnames).


2007-07-16 13:20

reporter   ~0014503

You'd have to use a different validation function, as there are chars that are valid in channel names that are not valid in nicknames. But otherwise sounds like a good idea.


2007-07-21 06:56

reporter   ~0014541

What characters are allowed in channels but not in nicks?


2007-07-21 10:07

reporter   ~0014543

this list is not likely exhaustive



2019-10-14 15:11

administrator   ~0020969

We did not add special CASEMAPPING support but we do have a setting that controls which characters to allow in channels now via set::allowed-channelchars.
If you are paranoid it is recommended to use the settings "ascii" which forbids high byte characters such as the one mentioned in this issue.

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