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0003337unrealircdpublic2019-07-11 15:59
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OSFreeBSDOS Version6.0 
Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha1 
Summary0003337: PingWarning
DescriptionIf the server hasn't replied in pingwarn seconds after sending the PING, notify the opers so that they are aware of the problem.
[] *** Warning, no response from in 15 seconds
and possible adding config option for changing time in seconds for warning message.
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2007-05-13 07:48

reporter   ~0014111



2007-05-13 07:55

reporter   ~0014112

Good idea.


2007-05-13 11:39

reporter   ~0014115

Good idea, but would it really be of any help?

Sure it would warn opers the server is about to split, but what can they do about it?


2007-05-13 13:35

reporter   ~0014119

It may be useful to detect if flowstops often happens and such, measuring quality of the link.


2007-05-13 14:37

reporter   ~0014120

In that case, perhaps we should have a conf option set::options::server-ping-warn set to a threshold value.

set::options::server-ping-warn 10
Would send a notice to opers that a server has taken X number of seconds to respond to a ping, if the number of seconds is greater or equal to set::options::server-ping-warn

This requires a PONG to be received from the server, which will prevent a flood of notices, and allow people to set their own time value (if they want the notices)


2010-04-15 12:09

reporter   ~0016073

I would really like to see what Stealth suggested.


2013-01-09 11:01

administrator   ~0017338

Something configurable so you can detect a crappy link would be nice.
But, AFAIK we only send PING/PONG on idle links.. so if we haven't received anything. If you would want this feature then this would need to be changed (always send a PING every XX seconds).
I could be wrong though! But that's how it works for clients...


2015-07-13 22:54

administrator   ~0018504

still not a bad idea

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