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Summary0003402: chinese-ja nickchars set does not actually support Japanese
DescriptionJapanese support in nickchars is lacking. First off, the "chinese-ja" nickchars set is pretty wrong. It's described as "Japanese Hiragana/Pinyin, Multibyte: GBK" in the documentation. Pinyin has nothing to do with Japanese; it's a way of writing Chinese words in the Latin alphabet. Hiragana, at least, belongs to Japanese, but it's not in the GBK charset. GBK isn't intended for Japanese at all, in fact; the only time it works is for characters which are common to Japanese and Chinese (there are a great many, to be sure, but not so many that it is possible to write a coherent Japanese sentence in GBK).
Additional InformationTo actually support Japanese, it will be necessary to implement a character set which actually supports Japanese, such as Shift JIS. Some conversion from Unicode to SJIS would be nice as well, but it's not completely necessary. Also, the Japanese set should be separated from Chinese. Call the nickchars range "japanese", not "chinese-ja" (Japanese, contrary to surprisingly popular belief, is not a modified form of chinese). Finally, the correct description of this range would be "Japanese kanji/kana".

While I probably don't have quite the programming chops to implement this myself, I'd be glad to assist someone more familiar with the UnrealIRCd codebase in doing so. どうも有難う御座います。
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has duplicate 0003998 resolvednenolod Support for iso-2022-jp encoded nicks 



2007-06-23 20:29

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I've been notified that "The following issue requires your FEEDBACK.", but I'm not sure what that entails. What feedback is required, or am I misunderstanding something?


2007-09-06 13:12

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iirc the reason it was added and called like that was that some old chinese texts could use this charset, from some japanese(or chin+jap) dynasty in china many centuries ago.. oh well... i'm totally unfamiliar with chinese and japanase history so I better shut up, but.. something like that was the reason for it. it was never intended to be used as normal/recent japanese, that's for sure, otherwise it wouldn't be called chinese-ja...
SJIS is indeed quite something different than what we have implemented, patches are always welcome to implement it in our charsys system (it's not something i'd do myself), provided they are not too intrusive.
the other thing, unicode <-> sjis conversion (or any conversion, for that matter) is not on my roadmap.


2011-04-11 09:33

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Has there been any progression with this?
I'm not a coder myself but if there is anyway to allow Japanese characters to be used as nicknames that would be great!!

Edit: According to my colleague, Shift JIS is old. If you allow UTF-8 for this Japanese will work.

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