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Summary0003469: Elimination of the /GLINE command via an improved /KLINE
Description/KLINE [time] <hostmask> [location] :<reason>

Here, we see the [time] value has been moved to the left, and we've added the new argument, [location].

[time] d (days) h (hours) m (minutes) s (seconds)
        suggestion: require this order (eg: 1s1d1m should beinvalid)

<hostmask> *@hostmask or hostmask, nickname, or username@hostmask

[location] (kline the target on this server)
        * (klines target on matching servers)
        * (klines target globally, essentially a gline)

Additional Informationan ALIAS could be made easily for the /GINE command:
(NOTE: my regexp is rusty :P, forgive me for any mistake)

Unreal 3.2.x
alias gline {
    # expecting a time value
    format "^.+?{s,m,h,d} " {
        command kline;
        type real;
        parameters "%1 %2 * :%3-";
    # else...
    format "^[^.+?{s,m,h,d} ]" {
        command kline;
        type real;
        parameters "%1 * :%2-";
    type command;
Unreal 4.x (basing this on InspIRCd, my syntax is possibly way off)
alias {
    text "gline";
    # expecting a time value
    format "^.+?{s,m,h,d} "
    replace "KLINE $1 $2 * :$3-"
    operonly yes;
alias {
    text "gline";
    # else...
    format "^[^.+?{s,m,h,d} ]"
    replace "KLINE $1 * :$3-"
    operonly yes;
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