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Summary0004105: some files need copyright holdership clarification

"The UnrealIRCd team" is not actually an incorporated legal entity, so we need to fix copyright assignments which refer only to "The UnrealIRCd team."

in the USA, these copyright statements are invalid meaning that those files cannot be legally used.

a list of files that need clarification:

include/threads.h: "(C) 2001 The UnrealIRCd Team - coders@lists.unrealircd.org"

include/types.h: "(C) 2003 The UnrealIRCd Team"

src/ircsprintf.c: "Copyright (c) 1997", no name here. Carlo Wood listed as author, so attributing copyright to him is sufficient as he most likely wrote the entirety of that file.

src/s_kline.c: "Copyright (c) 1999-2005 The UnrealIRCd Team", i *think* stskeeps wrote this.

src/cidr.c: "All parts of this program are Copyright(C) 2001(or later)." This looks to be derivative of hybrid-7 (specifically Dianora's work), so copyright lines should be added for Dianora and whoever modified it since then.

src/updconf.c: "Copyright (C) 2001 UnrealIRCd team", Dominic Meglio (codemastr) wrote this.

pretty much every file in src/modules/*.c needs to be fixed, most of them are "(C) 2004 The UnrealIRCd Team"
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syzop (administrator)

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> In the USA, these copyright statements are invalid meaning that those files cannot be legally used.

I seriously doubt that such a thing would make it illegal to use the software.

Quick google: http://www.iusmentis.com/copyright/notice/ - see 'Effects of a notice'.


How do other projects manage this? Do we have to update the copyright for every commit from a person / when someone submitted a patch? And again update it when it's next year?
Person X 2009, 2011
Person Y 2010-2012
Person Z... etc...
!? :)

Is it necessary to put it in each .c file, or can we use a single file where all authors are named... without needing to explain exactly who did what part... which, after all, can be found in the commit log / changelog.

Since you mention this issue, perhaps you've done some research on how other projects do this? Naturally, other people may share their opinion as well.

Basically, not only look at how to 'fix' the current situation (if necessary), but also how to make it workable for the future.


nenolod (reporter)

I think if there is a document in the root of the source tree listing the contributors, then "The UnrealIRCd Team" would be fine if it had an explicit pointer to that file.

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