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0004224unrealircdpublic2015-06-15 12:19
Reporterquora Assigned Totmcarthur  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4-alpha1 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha4 
Summary0004224: CHGHOST does not give any feedback to the user or oper when executed
DescriptionVhosts changed by services do send back a line confirming the change, should be trivial to add a fix to have CHGHOST do the same for opers.
Steps To Reproduce1. Connect
2. Oper up
3. CHGHOST $your_nick test.vhost
4. No acknowledgement to you
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2013-06-26 00:42

reporter   ~0017714

What would you suggest for feedback?

Some (decent) ways I thought of:
- Some odd numeric (maybe USERHOST?)
- Sending WHOIS automatically for the target user

Though if you have set::allow-userhost-change as "force-rejoin" you would see the user rejoin all channels after a successful CHGHOST


2013-06-26 01:56

reporter   ~0017715

I was thinking more of how Chary handles it, with a 398 (or whatever) numeric sent to the user on the change. It also plays nice with most clients to do that.


2015-05-27 20:18

reporter   ~0018370


2015-06-15 12:18

administrator   ~0018392

Thanks for the suggestion.

Merge pull request #27 from Zoddo/numeric-396
Send RPL_HOSTHIDDEN on host changes

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