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0004372unrealircdpublic2019-01-28 15:48
ReporterAmiga600 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4-alpha4 
Fixed in Version4.2.2-rc1 
Summary0004372: Optional nick!ident@host Display in Topic/Ban/Invite/Exception Lists
DescriptionJust an idea to create an optional config parameter for nick!ident@host in Channel Topics/Ban/Invite/Exception Lists

set {
   showidenthostdata [on/off];

If that setting was "on", it would then show the full nick!ident@host in Topic/Ban/Invite/Exception List(s)

Topic: nick #channel nick! 1435500492

Ban/invite/exception: nick #channel ~n:*!*@* nick! 1413660316
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2019-01-28 15:48

administrator   ~0020468

Added in 4.2.2, thanks for the report.

commit d085fb09c12e8e1d318b2c6a65605c028d8020e4 (HEAD -> unreal42, origin/unreal42)
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 15:41:44 2019 +0100

    Three new config items to make topic and ban setter nick!user@host and
    to control synchronization of the +beI setter across server links
    (that is, the feature just introduced one commit ago):
    set {
         topic-setter [nick|nick-user-host]; /* nick = default */
         ban-setter [nick|nick-user-host]; /* nick = default */
         ban-setter-sync [yes|no]; /* yes = default */
    This also means that --with-topicisnuhost / TOPIC_NICK_IS_NUHOST
    is now removed, since this now goes via set::topic-setter.
    Also, moved the "first" PROTOCTL from include/common.h to send_proto()
    in src/s_serv.c so the bunch of PROTOCTL lines is all in one place
    (and so I could conditionally send SJSBY).
    Ok, it's not entirely all in one place, PROTOCTL EAUTH is still sent
    at another place (early, duh), but still..

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