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0004408unrealircdpublic2015-09-05 12:14
ReporterGLolol Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform*NIXOSDebianOS Versionstretch/sid
Product Version3.4-beta3 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta4 
Summary0004408: V:Line isn't sent by UnrealIRCd, despite VL capability available from both sides
DescriptionWriting UnrealIRCd 3.4 support for an IRC pseudo-service, I noticed that the V:Line was not being sent by the remote server, contrary to what the docs suggest:

Log is here:
Steps To Reproduce- Link a server
- Watch the raw logs
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2015-09-05 09:35

administrator   ~0018677

Hmm. Yes, seems nenolod silently removed that. There's no entry about it in the changelog whatsoever, but it's removed at all places.


2015-09-05 09:38

administrator   ~0018678

I just checked when/where you get the VL information. You only see it from the directly-connected server but not from any servers connected (so 2 hops away). Since it's only the directly-connected server you get the same information in NETINFO. Therefore I think it's OK to keep it removed.

Documentation must be updated however and it would have been nice if I were consulted :D


2015-09-05 09:47

administrator   ~0018679

Oh and "deny link" and such -- don't they use SERVER rather than NETINFO? Better check. Wouldn't be surprised if... ;)


2015-09-05 10:18

administrator   ~0018680

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Right, so "deny link" is broken. It works for incoming links (eg: to reject a 3.2.x server), but a 3.4.x will never be rejected as it never sends protocolversion in SERVER and that's the only place where it's being checked. (Which is understandable as the NETINFO info is very late in the synch)


2015-09-05 12:13

administrator   ~0018681

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Ok, I did both:
* Restored sending of VL information in the SERVER command (as you requested), this makes deny version { } work on 3.2.x servers if you want to block 3.4.x -- something that wasn't possible until now.
* We now send (more) version information in PROTOCTL EAUTH, see

Thanks for the report!

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