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0004455unrealircdpublic2016-12-30 16:09
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Summary0004455: consider removing archaic files
DescriptionThere are tons of archaically old files that could (probably?) be deleted to clean up the final release

unrealircd/doc/Authors - if someone wants to know the complete history about IRC, visit Wikipedia
unrealircd/docs/Donation - move to a notice during compilation?
unrealircd/docs/coding-guidelines - move to development wiki?
unrealircd/docs/compiling_win32.txt - as above
unrealircd/docs/tao.of.irc - same as 1
unrealircd/docs/Translations - move to wiki?
unrealircd/.CHANGES.NEW - what is this? no changes in here

Appears to be tons of old files, that aren't required any more as far as I can see, would clean up the major release if these could be removed/moved ?
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3rd party modules



2015-12-09 20:30

reporter   ~0018912

@Syzop any view on this?


2016-12-30 16:09

administrator   ~0019585

Dropped for target 4.0.10. Perhaps a later version.

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