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0004560unrealircdpublic2016-01-30 11:08
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Summary0004560: Numeric on IRC OP modes
DescriptionGiven the fact that if you can set a mode on yourself, you get a MODE reply. If you can't set a mode because it doesn't exist there's a numeric which states that it's an 'unknown MODE flag'. However, if you try to set something such as +o on yourself, there's no reply whatsoever. It doesn't set the mode, but it doesn't have a reply. I feel as if there should be a reply, perhaps even just make it reply with numeric 481?
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2016-01-30 11:06

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Would be fine by me.
I don't think the generic "You do not have the correct IRC operator privileges" or CANNOTDOCOMMAND would be appropriate since part of the mode string may succeed and part not, we need to indicate.

So something similar to unknown mode flag which mentions exactly what mode could not be set, with a different wording. If such a numeric doesn't exist for this yet then we could create one, after careful investigation of course.

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