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0004616unrealircdpublic2016-04-02 19:34
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Product Version4.0.2 
Summary0004616: Possible enhancement for channel_modes() function [src/channel.c]
DescriptionHello, first and foremost I am sorry if there are any inaccuracies in this bug report, please point them out if there are any.

Basically I came across the 'TODO' remark for this channel_modes() function and decided to help. I have divided this bug report to a few sections:

Enhancement we should consider:
1) Properly handle cases of insufficient memory space and avoid unnecessary CPU computation:
Instead of letting the function run from top to bottom of the code, there should be a 'return ()' when '!mbuf_size' or '!pbuf_size' is possible.

1a) Also, the code currently prints mode parameters to 'pbuf' even if the corresponding mode char cannot be printed to 'mbuf'.

Optional enhancement
2) If 'pbuf' and/or 'mbuf' does not have enough memory space, it will cause undesired output. The 'channel_modes()' function should have some kind of method to warn when such case occur.

3) Properly indicate that there is insufficient memory space:
'mbuf_size' and/or 'pbuf_size' should reset to 0 if negative value is found (especially at certain lines).

Low priority concern
4) Is there a reason why 'strlcat()' is not used in this 'channel_modes()' function? We really shouldn't make our lives difficult :P

Other than the concerns mentioned above, the code seems to be safe especially since ircsnprintf() is used for pbuf.

Thank you in advance!
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